Fumito Ueda Surfaces, But Not For The Last Guardian

Wondering what Fumito Ueda is up to these days? Even after leaving Sony, Ueda has apparently continued to work on the eagerly awaited The Last Guardian, which is years in development. Sony promised the game still lives. Promised!

Ueda recently surfaced in an official Sony video. But he isn't talking about The Last Guardian. Oh, no. He's playing When Vikings Attack! with a Sony exec, a game localiser, and the guy who designed Gravity Daze. The clip is unabashed PR for the game and filmed like a Japanese variety show.

In it, Ueda sometimes wears a viking helmet and says things like, "Ah, crap" or "I practised for this in secret, but I didn't really win by that much."

Oh. Um. The Last Guardian? Where the hell is that game? Why is he playing this? Get back to work and stop goofing off!

バイキングぽいぽい!! 対戦プレイ動画 [YouTube]


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