Game Of Thrones Chair Fit For The King Of PC Gamers

In Game of Thrones, there is a throne made of swords. In Mike DeWolfe's backyard, there's one made of 20 or so PC keyboards. It's titled, "Throne of Nerds".

"The underlying message is one of suffering," DeWolfe writes on his website. "The keyboards have been melted and warped. They're made to twist to fit, but at the same time that renders them unuseable because they cannot fulfil their intended purpose."

Or can they? If said purpose is internet fame, they seem to be doing that just fine!

Throne of Nerds [Mike DeWolfe via Obvious Winner]


    but WHY is it made of swords, or keyboards, or any number of not woods?


      But I could imagine it not working as a chair, awesome as that would be. It'd be like a chair made of bubble-wrap!

      The chair in GoT is made from the melted swords of the Kings enemies who swore allegiance to him when he united the 7 kingdoms. It is stated dozen of times that it does in fact suck massive balls as a chair and that only someone truely "worthy" of being the king could sit in and get cuts constantly.

    Aah - the Tactile Throne - I like it!

    This is where Qumulys' keyboard must have ended up.

      That was the first thing I thought of upon seeing the photo.

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