George Lucas' Daughter Could Probably Kick Your Ass: The Movie

Amanda Lucas, the daughter of Star Wars creator George Lucas, is an MMA fighter. This trailer is for a documentary about her, called Lucas, due for release later this year.

It's being made by Briton Bobby Razak, a director who makes MMA docs like this (as well as commercials) for a living. You can check out more of his work below.

I kinda remember knowing this before. I had no idea she was that good, though.

LUCAS [Bobby Razak]


    wtf I had no idea

      That girl would have had a hell of a lot of obnoxious nerds to deal with. It's not so surprising that she got good at pummeling people into bloody pulps.

    Jabba has a mean right hook.

    She's no Gina Carano.
    If you don't know who that is, do yourself a favour and use Google. You will not be disappointed.

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