Giant LEGO X-Wing Might Be The Coolest LEGO Set Ever Made

Normally when we post something LEGO-related on this site, it tends to be a custom build, because that's where the really amazing stuff happens.

Today, though, my hat is off to LEGO's designers, because this new X-Wing model is fantastic.

Replacing the older, weird-looking version, this Ultimate Collectors Series "Red Five" (that's Luke) isn't just huge, it's surprisingly "realistic" as well. I mean, there's a targeting computer in there.

Made up of 1558 bricks and due out in May, it'll sell for $US200.

New LEGO Star Wars UCS set — 10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter [News] [Brothers Brick]


    So... $400 in Australia?

    This is a much better system than the gears system in the older Collector's Series X-Wing. The gears in mine burst after a few years, and it's a real pain to try to replace them.

      You could use bricklink to buy the replacement parts you need individually:

        Oh, I mean replace as in take the X-wing apart sufficiently to put the gear in. It's buried quite deep inside the main body

    Actually Plunkett, this version has its goods and bads too, it's still not a perfect kit. It's less screen-accurate than the older UCS version around the nose-cone and blaster tips. Also, nothing is cooler than the 10179 UCS Falcon.

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