Goodbye Fantasy PlayStation 4s! It's Been Fun

Later today, Sony is expected to reveal the PlayStation 3's successor. Kotaku has already dished exclusive details about the console and its controller. The idea of the PS4 (or whatever Sony ends up calling it) is becoming concrete. Soon, the console will become tangible.

Kotaku already published exclusive photos of the controller, so we're confident we know what that looks like. The console itself, however, is still a bit of a mystery — a mystery that ends tonight.

That gives us one last chance to look back at how people thought the next PlayStation would look.

Some of these are concept consoles — they're not meant to fool anyone into thinking that they are real. Then there are the fakes created to do just that!

After tonight, these Photoshops will be filed away to the dustbins of history as Kotaku reports the new PlayStation's unveiling, live from New York.

Many of these images recently appeared on 2ch, Japan's largest web forum, sans proper credit.

PS4 Mockups [Facebook] PlayStation 4 Concept Final [[email protected]] x — Cherubeam — [email protected]@DeviantArt] PS4 concept design (black) [[email protected]] PS4の本体画像キタ━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! [2ch]


    I really love the one that looks like a PS2 with rounded edges. The lines are clean and it looks modern while also tugging on the old PS2 nostalgia.

    Kaz walks out on stage... and announces the PS Move 2, WITH NEW HI-DEF CAMERA AND DOUBLE THE GLOWING ORB(i)S! He laughs manically and walks off stage.



    Some of these look really nice, I wish!

    I don't think the glass one was ever passed off as more than a mock up, but I wish it were real. So cool looking.

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