Half-Life 2 Has An Awesome New Virtual Reality Tracking Mod



    God Damn it! Take my money and make it already!

    i can see a future where a lot of games will exceed the r18 rating, this basically could make every game a murder simulator
    it's one thing to use a a keyboard and mouse/controller to play the game, but when you actually control the gun itself, things change.
    next thing you'll see in a few years from herald sun/the age, afghan militia use vr games to train their troops

    Last edited 05/02/13 9:01 am

      havnt you heard of virtual cop or time crysis 123 and 4 ?
      even old games like Duck hunt
      what is the different from that to this ?

      Why not? We already have something very similar in the ADF with WET.

    that looks seriously impressive. the hardware that is becoming available these days is fantastic. almost makes me want to A) finish HL2:EP2 and basically replay it again. yeah the graphics look a bit dated compared to what we have now. It still is a good game.

    Can't wait to use my Oculus Rift on my Xbox720 - you better believe it!

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