Halo 4's Next Map Pack Arrives On Tuesday

A poorly kept secret since November is official now: the Majestic Map Pack, the latest series of multiplayer maps in Halo 4, will indeed be available on February 25 for 800 Microsoft Points.

The maps, consistent with a leak earlier this weekend, are Landfall, Monolith and Skyline (above). Longer descriptions may be seen here, but Landfall is recommended for Infinity Slayer matches; Monolith is best paired with Capture the Flag, and Skyline is suited for Regicide.

Two playlists and a new game type, "Infinity Rumble", will accompany the pack's release. All three are exclusive (for a limited time) to Majestic Map Pack owners. Infinity Rumble is a free-for-all game type that places a greater priority on acquiring personal ordnance and the conservative use of it. Slower spawn times also reflect the importance of each kill and death. The playlists, Majestic Team DLC and Majestic FFA DLC, feature up to eight players in each, four-vs-four in the former and free-for-all in the latter.

According to the original leak back in November, the third map pack, "Castle", will release on April 1. More screenshots of Majestic are available here.



"Halo 4" Majestic Map Pack coming next week (Feb 25th) [Major Nelson]


    I just want smaller god damned maps so I can choose something else for SWAT, which is all I play now.

      I watched the gameplay videos on YouTube their all small size maps and look great and They already officially announced all three maps will be on the swat playlist, also team doubles , team throwdown and infinity slayer :)

      aaaahh... I hope you know that these maps are actually smaller than a majority of the currently available in Halo 4.... there's a trailer/vidoc on the official about this stating the small size of the maps specifically and the designs.

    Yeah I had heard they're smaller, I'm just saying in general. I want both these next 2 packs to focus on small maps.

    Really sick of all the BTB focus and objectives on maps.

    I'll put Halo 4 in my Xbox on Tuesday, full party boost the achievements, then go back to not playing that laggy, unplayable mess.

      Get a better ISP, kid. Or better yet, don't. Stay the hell of my game and stick to the kiddie stuff. ;)

        I live in Australia, I'm not alone. All of my friends have stopped playing too.

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