Heartwarming Valentine's Day Song From Chell To Her Companion Cube

Portal may not seem like the most romantic game ever, seeing as how it's populated with a bunch of robots and only a single human character. But even all these years later, people still haven't gotten over protagonist Chell and her doomed relationship with the heart-decorated Companion Cube.

The folks at Random Encounters Entertainment (not to be confused with Jason's weekly JRPG column) have put together this heartwarming duet between Chell and her cube. They seem so happy! Ah, but happiness is fleeting.


    Everyone in the entire world is missing the point.

    The companion cube was never supposed to be Chell's friend, Chell doesn't care about it, because It's just a box. The whole point of the joke is that Glados doesn't know what love and friendship is. She can't see the difference between a kitten or puppy and a box with a heart stuck on it. She was trying to put Chell through psychological torture by forcing her to sacrifice her only friend, when in actual fact all Chell did was throw a box into an incinerator.

    The situation is funny because Glados thinks she's being so devious and cruel, when in actual fact her cunning plan falls completely flat BECAUSE IT'S JUST A BOX.

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