Here Is Your First Look At An R18+ Rated Game In The Wild!

If I was to gamble my life savings on what would have been the first R18+ game in Australia, I'd currently be dead broke. That game will be Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2+ for the PS Vita and it's set for release next Thursday. We've been shown a first look at the game as it will be sold in stores next Thursday.

Drink it in folks — the fruits of your labour! We have it on good authority that certain people involved in helping push the R18+ rating through are hoping to pick up this game and frame it. I'm thinking about doing the same thing myself!

Thanks Koz!


    Can it be bought in QLD yet?

      not yet. Waiting for Governors approval on the law

    I don't even have a Vita and would pick up a copy to frame

    its out the same day as god of war so technically a tie?

      Isn't God of War out on the 14th and this is out a week before on the 7th?
      I didn't even realise this was going to be R18+ I thought God of Ware or Ninja Gaiden 3 on Wii U would be the first R18+ game.
      Anyone know if the R18+ approval (in QLD) will come through before God of War is out?

    Why'd they give that an R18 but not Metal Gear Rising. It has the American and UK ratings on the disk both R18. Ours is MA15+. However they rate Atelier Totori plus R18 and Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma higher than their previous ratings? Are they sure they're qualified to do their job?

      Rising was classified last year. R18 did not exist.

        Ah. Still I don't get Totori's rating. I have the PS3 version, its PG, I don't know how its gone from PG to "alert alert hentai alert!"

          New guidelines mean new things. IN the case of Ninja Gaiden, it would have got R18 in the past HAD R18 existed. The goalposts have shifted. Now that R18 is available games that should have got R18 WILL get R18.

          Gears of War only getting MA15+ is proof that MA15 didn't just turn into R18. So far its working as anticpated and expected.

            Gears inly got a 15? Wow makes me wonder what the hell is in Ninja Gaiden

              Walking Dead only got MA15. And You shoot a kid in the head., so that surprised me.

 Well, it looks to me like it's violence that they're worried about in Atelier Totori Plus, but I can't imagine why :S

            Descriptor says it all 'Refers to sexual violence' so if even in dialogue it refers to something like that its gonna cop R18 from now on. MAx Payne 2 would cop R18 now because of that.

      Yeah, the new Totori rating is really bizarre.

      Last edited 26/02/13 11:03 am

      I know it was classified before R18 passed, but even so... As violent as metal gear is, I don't think it's quite there. I mean you're slicing up humanoid cyborgs, and even then you spend a great deal of time dismantling mechs and other giant robot beasties.

      It's not really that gory despite the free cutting mechanic, either. I've seen a greater amount of viscera in games where you don't slice people into hundreds of pieces; you mostly see cyborg parts like the blue spines, and gore is rather minimal. That and enemies explode/vanish before they even hit the ground, so there's a distinct lack of post-spree carnage too.

      Those are just my thoughts, anyway. I've seen games that worse fit the MA rating.

    Huh. I thought the special edition of Mortal Kombat was already out.

      May 29th

    I don't have a Vita.

    When is the R rated WiiU Ninja Gaiden game coming out?

      i imagine that Nintendo is waiting for Queensland to be able to have R18 games before setting a date

    Yay! The system does work... Eventually, and sort of....

    "Drink it in folks — the fruits of your labour! We have it on good authority that certain people involved in helping push the R18+ rating through are hoping to pick up this game and frame it. I’m thinking about doing the same thing myself!"

    Some credit also goes to yourself, Mark, and your predecessor, David Wildgoose. But a drink is definitely in order.

    *Holds up a large Guinness*



    Hmm, its even a game i want, might have to avoid importing and buy it locally just for the historical value

    Oh look....Australia is all grown up!

    *wipes away a tear*

    would it be available in victoria

    Did the PS3 version of this get RC or something?

    Geez rating board, we get the game is violent but there's no need to swear.

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