Here's How Diablo III Will Look On The PS3 And PS4

Diablo III coming to PlayStation was one of the big reveals from last night's PlayStation Meeting. The fact that a PC-only release would be coming to consoles made some people angry. But, for all the rage, we didn't get an example of what Blizzard's action RPG will look like in its reconfigured form. The screens on the European fix that.

The post makes mention of a retooled interface, too:

Diablo III for the PS3™/PS4™ will be based on the core PC game and feature all the latest updates, including Paragon levels, the Infernal Machine event, Monster Power, Brawling, and more. This version is also being tailored with customised controls, a new user interface, and a dynamic camera perspective to provide an awesome Diablo III experience for PlayStation gamers.

There's also confirmation that the PS3 version of Diablo III will first be shown at PAX East next month. So, if you've already got passes for the big show, you can be amongst the first to see how the PS version of DIablo II stacks up against it's PC older brother.


    Kotaku US is really pumping out these PS4 articles.

      No shit..

      Well it is the biggest gaming news in years. Not often that a new console gets announced.

    "see how the PS version of DIablo II stacks up against it’s PC older brother."
    DIABLO II?!?!?! If only....


    Still looks like the good old piece of shit PC version to me. Diablo III never had mind blowing graphics at all, it looked dated. Releasing it for a next gen console seems pointless.

      do PC gamers only care about the graphics.

    i wonder if you'll be able to play this one offline? if so i'd get it for a lag free single player experience....

      Supposedly it will be offline.

      Personally this is a reason NOT to buy it, they're going to give the console version exclusive features that have been begged for my the PC version players since release...

        It's the main reason I didn't buy the PC version. My internets crap, at least till the end of the year (NBN). I'm excited to see D3 on PS4, it's the first game I'll buy most likely. I would like to see more indi games, especially Android games on PS4. PS3 is just too dam hard to work with for developers. But thats to be discussed on one of the other 100 PS4 articles out or coming out over the next few days.

    Is that inventory REALLY showing only 4 items at a time?

    Mind numbing graphics!
    Unreal engine 4!

    And Bliz/Acti couldn't even give Diablo 3 AA? REALLY?

    was i the only one who thought they were going to announce starcraft ghost ?? :( if it wasn't Chris mettson i would have been even more upset ! Have fun with D3 (definitely blizzards worst game)

    Wonder where the red latency bar will appear on the UI.

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