Here's How Disney Infinity Is Different From Skylanders

The folks behind Disney's next big move in the gaming space know what you're thinking. They know that you're already comparing Disney Infinity to the Skylanders games. After all, their upcoming title is a video game/collectible toy hybrid where figurines of Disney movie characters come to live and romp around in a video game, just like Activision's big-selling mega-hit. But that's not all you'll be able to do.

But there are some key differences in Infinity when compared to the Skylanders, mostly in the fact that you can change look and feel of the world. You can see some that in action in the video above.

One thing that Disney reps on hand stressed to me was that players will be able to build all at the same time. So you and three other friends can all make stuff in the same world, with the host being able to save and share the resulting content. The simple rulesets of some item will be able to interweave in increasingly complex ways. So, you'll be able to do stuff like link two soccer goals, an action plate, confetti cannons and a boombox all together to make a minigame that celebrates with explosions and music every time someone scores a goal.

It's that kind of creativity that might give an edge to Disney Infinity when it tries to steal some playtime from Skylanders Giants and other games when it comes out sometime in mid 2013.


    I've been meaning to try Skylanders it looks pretty cool... but this looks even better! I wonder how much, if any, the difference in price will be.

    Seriously gamefreak and nintendo would make a KILLLING if they released a pokemon game in this toy/game hybrid style.

      I counter with a pokemon f2p model mmo

      Oh god, my bank account if that happened :S

      The Wii U has NFC all ready to go...

        zomg, you're right. The GamePad has NFC - every Wii U comes with a wireless "Portal of Power" and the screen adds even more potential.

    So, now that Disney owns Star wars...

    Also, the blond guy looks like a vampire. Just saying.

    It looks like it does some new interesting things, although it appears to be the best things from Skylanders mixed with the best things from Little Big Planet.

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