Here's More Video Of That Aliens Game You Never Got To Play

Canceled four years ago, Aliens: Crucible was supposed to be an Aliens role-playing game, which always struck me as kind of weird. The film didn't seem like it would translate well to an RPG; hell, it didn't translate well to a shooter. Hey-oooooo ...

But material from Obsidian's development of the game, which ended in 2009, continues to spill out in dribs and drabs. Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart said his team had done a lot of work on the concept before Sega abruptly canceled it. These are some animations by Danny Garnett, a character animator at the time. He uploaded the video a month ago and only recently set it to public.

Are class-based xenomorphs more appealing if they're supposed to go into a role-playing game? Guess we'll never find out.

Video: Danny Garnett/Vimeo


    I would love to play an Aliens RPG, and think it would work great. But I think, ultimately, the realm it would fit best in is one that, sadly, has already squeezed out their space: RTS games. The Zerg are basically Xenomorphs, only different. :P But I would love to see some longer-scale games as we encounter more Alien infested planets or deal with a proper incursion. They wouldn't, of course, have the 'horror' of Alien, but I am quite OK with that.

      In any case, Creative Assembly are working on the next Alien game, so this is likely our best chance of getting an RTS set in the Alien universe. Unfortuantely, job positions for the game's development describe it as being for "current and future generation consoles", which casts doubt over what genre it really is.

        You guys never played the AvP console RTS then. It had some very interesting mechanics. Marines had the standard 'collect supplies, requisition troops', Predators had 'get kills, earn respect, get more predators', and the Aliens had 'incapacitate animals or enemies, birth new aliens'. Playing the Aliens was awesome. Drones and runners would automatically run around the map, dragging unconscious bodies back to the hive to be impregnated, and if you felt like it, you could detach the queen from egg laying and use her as a tank to spearhead attacks.

    Squad-based strategy/tactics seems like a good fit for an aliens game. Could be pausabe real-time would be a treat.

    Holy shit that car at 0:37 must of had some serious suspension issues

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