Here's Sony's New PS4 Controller

Here's your first look at Sony's new controller for the PlayStation 4. It's got a touchpad, motion control and a "light bar" for identification.

There's also a "share" button, and the light bar, as well as being used to identify players with colour coding, is also the means via which a new PlayStation camera can track the pad for advanced motion controls.

The design is similar to prototype images seen previously, only with — as you'd expect — a little more polish. It's also great to see Sony deviate from the standard DualShock pad, smoothing things out and making the whole thing look a little fresher.


    Whoa! Does that cuff belong to that shirt? Who is this fancy man?

      You just won the internet.
      I will spend the next month trying to find such a shirt.

    Yeah sorry.. I would prefer the boomerang. That controller is getting way too overcrowded and Sony just keep chucking freaking more buttons and things in there.

      Yeah, I would have preferred the boomerang shape as well. I've got large hands, so gripping those stubby little grips really cramps after a while (~30 minutes or so). My solution was to make some screw-on wooden extensions for the grips, but I wouldn't do something like that to a new-hardware controller like the PS4's on, say, launch day.

      There is no new buttons in there mate, its just a touch pad. Open your eyes...

    So they slapped a tiny touch screen onto a PS3 controller....errr

      Perhaps touch 'pad' is what you're looking for.

        That's even worse.

          Its for quick mouse-like control. Better for navigating in a browser, for example.

    Anyone else think they look cheap as fuck?

    Seriously, those sticks and that D-pad look really low quality. I'm sure they work fine, but I can't see them lasting too long.

    I'll have to judge when I get my hands on one, although at this rate, there is nothing making me want to buy the PS4.

    What Sony and Microsoft don't realize is, the promise of particular games sells consoles. I bought a Wii-U for Pikman 3, new SSB, and Bayonetta 2. Promise me a new Kingdom Hearts, a new Tenkaichi (I mean a proper Tenkaichi, not this flop Ultimate Tenkaichi I'm playing at the moment) or The Last Guardian, and I'll buy it in a second.

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      yes it looks very cheap also there's to much of a push for the social side and thats shit

    Whilst the sticks are still in the uncomfortable (for me) position, at least this time it looks like they're made with the idea that your thumb won't slip off the domed surface.

    Does it look slightly larger than the previous ones or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

    Looks like one of those $2 Handheld Gamepads with the built-in games you can find at Crazy Clarks.

    First Playstation controller I actually don't mind the look of.

    We'll have to wait and see how it feels to use.

    Naysayers be damned, I really like the look of it. I'm a Dualshock fan, and so to see that the controller is remaining more or less the same except with more ergonomic grips and improved analog sticks makes me happy.
    I'm not sure what the touchpad will be used for, but if it doesn't get in the way of the buttons and functionality I think it'll be at the very least useful. if not revolutionary.
    I don't particularly like Sixaxis-style motion controls in my dual-analog controllers so that doesn't particularly interest me, and the share button will only be used as often as the feature itself - which, for me, will probably be very little.
    I like it.

    They also said that they improved the Vibration and SixAxis. Also from a technical standpoint "the light bar" or whatever it is, is more impressive than Kinect.
    Kinect currently has a 90ms lag with USB 2.0
    I heard it will go down to 60ms with USB 3.0 for next gen.
    Yor TV adds about 50ms.........
    Not good!

    With the light bar you can measure the 2D plane by position with almost no lag, plus you can measure depth with two cameras measuring the length and width of the light bar with little to nothing processing lag.

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    So much negativity in the comments. I'm loving the look of the new controller. Seems like a big improvement over the DS3 in terms of ergonomics even if the sticks are still arguably in the wrong place.

    I've always hated PS controllers but those Move-esque rounded handles look like a big improvement. It's a shame they've moved the stick back to the middle though, that's a killer.

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