Here's The Fantastic Launch Trailer For StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm

Oh man. Almost three years later, the sequel to StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is coming out in just a couple of weeks.

Blizzard — the folks behind StarCraft — have always been quite good at making cinematic trailers for their games, and this new one is no exception. Check it out above.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm comes out March 12 for PC and Mac.


    So after everything that happened in the first game Kerrigan becomes infested again... what was the point of the entire first story arch then? Shit writing if it is the case.

      Judging that on a 2 minute trailer rather than the full game... Nice, the trolls are already out to play.

      Why? Sometimes plans don't work, and sometimes solutions don't stick. That's not shit writing, that's reality.

      Everything I've seen about the game so far makes it looks like she is no longer infested but she still controls the swarm. Being a ridiculously powerful psychic does have a few benefits.

      How about this, Just because the entire first game was about saving her and who Jim never gives up on her, it is entirely from his viewpoint.

      Does Sarah want saving or has she become one with the swarm? Sometimes even though you try to the right thing for someone, sometimes they just don't want it anymore.

      Also, what sort of life would she have as a human knowing that she killed millions of humans with the zerg.

      Not shit writing, but the same story from someone elses viewpoint

      There was talk from Blizz from various interviews where they gave snippets of the storyline including the Zerg not willing to part with Kerrigan so easily, even going so far as to clone her. Either way, why not just wait to play the game before getting the shits with it? You'll only know how it is then.

      Oh you clearly didnt play Diablo III then! Now THAT was shit writing.

    I'm going to get this to play the campaign and screw around alittle on Multiplayer and since it's an expansion it shouldn't set me back that much.

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      This is Blizz we're talking about dude. Bring yer cheque book.

        $44 at JB, or $48 at EB, I'd hardly consider that wallet breaking.

        It's available for pre-order pretty much everywhere from $44 to $49 or so, which is not such a bad price.

          Can't even get it cheaper from Ozgameshop, so definitly not a bank breaker.

    I'm waiting before I get this one. Looks great from the trailer, but so did Diablo III.

      Did you like Wings of Liberty? There shouldn't be anything wrong with buying this since it's an expansion, not a sequel.

        Yeah, but it's blizzard. There'll be some bullcrap DRM involved.

          Probably no different than their current Wings of Liberty DRM... Login required, and an offline mode (requiring login once every 7 days)

          Again I ask, did you like/play Wings of Liberty? If you played it and hated it, then pass... If you played it and liked it, what's your problem? If you never played it, why do you even care about the expansion release?

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            Ahhhhhhhh... crap. I haven't logged in in the last 5 months. That's gpnna be a problem, huh?

              .... No... You'll be able to login fine, you just won't be able to access the offline mode unless you login once for 2 seconds.

      I am with you mate. I loved blizzard since the megadrive/snes era but I was bitterly let down by diablo 3, and I am now justifiably wary of any product they release. So I too will wait and see.

    I have no idea what is actually going on (because I don't like/play Starcraft) but hot damn, that is an awesome trailer. Could have been a trailer for an big budget Hollywood film.

    I should really get around to finishing Wings of Liberty...

    I wonder if it's all just a ruse to lull the Terrans in to a false sense of security and that she's been Zerg all along... Then again, I really loved the storyline of the combined Zerg/Protoss hybrid. Can't wait to see how it plays out.

    Either way, Blizzard know how to make great cutscenes! Glad to see that that aspect hasn't changed since 1995!

    I'm probably never going to play a damn Blizzard game, so I wish they would just stop piss-farting around and make a god-damned CG movie themselves.

      I hope not, don't want them to turn into Square aka Spirits Within.

        Well, in my Fantasy Land where Blizzard makes the WoW, StarCraft and Diablo movies, they would also make them well.

          There is a WoW movie in the pipeline. Whether it'll be any good is a whole different question, but the fan in me remains hopeful.

    Ughhh YES PLEASE! I don't care if people say the story is cliche/terribad/Raynor is a crybaby but I played SC mainly for its campaign and it hasn't let me down. And neither has Blizzard's CG team.

    Also now that more gameplay mods have rocked up for SC2, I think it's time to bust out the game again

    Blizz, hurry up and give us Xel'Naga and Voice in the Darkness (whatever its race is)

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