Here's The First Ever Gameplay Video For Wasteland 2

Feels like months since we last saw Wasteland 2-related moving pictures. Six months, to be precise. Now we have a new video, though this one has gameplay. Delicious, old-school RPG gameplay.

Narrated by inXile's Chris Keenan, the game's producer, we get to take a look at movement, combat, the customisable user interface, skills and the keyword-based dialogue system. In the same vein as Fallout's "SPECIAL" statistics system, Wasteland 2 will feature its own one called "CLASSIC", which stands for Charisma, Luck, Awareness, Strength, Speed and Coordination.

One touch I like in particular is how combat is handled with single enemies, if you can get the jump on them. Moving around is executed in real time, but switches to a turn-based system once an encounter starts. However, you can select several player characters and have them attack a lone enemy all at once, hopefully killing it.

Doing so means you don't have to drop into the turn-based mode every time a fight occurs. It's a great way to streamline those isolated encounters.

All in all, it's exactly how you'd imagine a modern take on a classic isometric RPG should look and I'm sure a majority of the game's Kickstarter backers are pleased with the direction.

WL2 First Look 720 [YouTube, via Blue's News]


    Its looking bloody gorgeous so far, definitely feeling justified in chipping in for this baby.

    Must say this is looking very promising. Really hope they release mod tools along with it, it would be great to see Fallout and Fallout 2 remade on this engine.

    My god i hope that isnt the actiual background soundtrack. A assortment of the most annoying sounds imaginable with random snippets of people on radios. After 15 minuites of the video i was ready to claw my ears off.
    For gods sake, dont let that be in the actiual game.

    I just donated after seeing this...I feel guilty it wasn't sooner >.>

    Sorry to Hijack the article, but if you guys haven't checked out the kickstarter for "project awakening" have a look. It's looks like fantastic imo.

    Looks like Fallout Tactics

    Wasteland 2, Grim Dawn, Stasis and Metro: last light. 2013 is looking good

    Got this pre-ordered... that's all that needs to be said.

    Urist, I have the feeling you are not a fan of the Fallout games. Or Wasteland, for that matter.

    Nec, are you saying that positively or negatively? I never played it, but it sounded like a game that would have been good if they had actually bothered making the world/story compelling, and that is what Wasteland 2 aims to do, more or less.

    Vimeo's silly policies on video game videos has meant this video is taken offline. The developers have since moved it to Youtube:

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