Here's Why PAX Australia Is Being Held In Melbourne

This is a pretty interesting little video, particularly if you have any interest whatsoever in the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo in Australia (that's all of you) and particularly if you're familiar with Melbourne (that's most of you). It's a video focusing on PAX Australia and, more specifically, the reasons why the team decided to hold the event in Melbourne.

It features Penny Arcade President Robert Khoo and our very own Game Developers' Association of Australia CEO Tony Reed. Actually, now that I think about it, I really liked Reed's answer when he was asked what part of PAX Australia excited him most. That may have been my favourite part.

Really the vid itself is an advertisement for Melbourne as a city, but it's still well worth watching.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


    But Sydneysiders are so much better looking

    I'm fairly certain that when they announced it on the Penny Arcade website they mentioned they were tossing up between Brisbane and Melbourne because they wanted to visit the Mana Bar.

      I'm from Adelaide and discovered the Mana Bar on my last trip to Melbourne. The owner was really cool and the experience was really good.

      The Mana Bar is not somewhere you want to go during cons. The place is tiny and the massive crowds they get any time there's a con on is just.. urgh. Go the week before or after, but not that weekend.

      there's a mana bar in melbourne now, has been for a little bit

        That's what I meant. They were only considering Brisbane or Melbourne because those were the two cities with a Mana Bar. Sydney wasn't in the equation because it didn't have a Mana Bar.

          I can tell you that much more consideration went into choosing the city than if it had a Mana Bar or not ;)

            Obviously :P

            But it was at least one of the reasons, as they stated it themselves on their website.

    So true. I had almost forgotten. Made me so proud to be a melbournian again

    Well, the video does have a good point. Melbourne does have a greater cultural aspect to it than Sydney. Mainly because the weather sux there most of the time, which drives people indoors. For outdoor living, Sydney is superior, except for the bike infrastructure.

      Riding bikes is just as fucked up in both cities.... Trust me, I've been hit by cars in both.

      Last edited 20/02/13 1:03 pm

        The bike culture is a bit more developed in Melbourne, and they also have a good number of bike paths off the road as well. I agree that there will be arsehole drivers everywhere, regardless of city.

          You mean the douch bag hipster fixie riders.... Which are every where in Melbourne. There are cyclists all over Sydney. "Bike culture" is universal. I'm sick of people from Melbourne taking something everyone does, slapping culture on the end of it and claiming they are some avant garde utopia.

            Not precisely what I mean. Yes, there are cyclists in both cities, and I live and cycle in Sydney. I've talked to plenty of people in Sydney about cycling. From my experience, regular use of a bicycle in Sydney is the exception, rather than the rule. In Melbourne, it's the opposite.

            Mind you, Melbourne also has the terrain for easy cycling. It's flat as a pancake, everywhere! Sydney is full of hills.

      I used to have the same opinions about Melbourne's weather, but in all honesty, as a Sydneysider all my life, that's not entirely true. Sydney actually has higher average rainfall than Melbourne and has done consistently for many, many years.

      Mind you, that "4 seasons in one day" thing you often hear about definitely applies in Melbourne. No wait, scratch that. In Melbourne the saying "4 seasons in one hour" would be more accurate.

        You are right, Sydney has higher annual rain fall (higher than London in fact), because that rain falls harder for a day or two, then enters a period of exclusive sunshine for days. This allows you to predict the weather (note my use of predict). Melbourne drizzles nearly constantly in Winter, even though they give you a forecast, they have no idea what the situation will be after Midday.

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      In terms of culture, there was that exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne about games called "Game Masters" that went on from June to October last year; which was pretty awesome.
      That exhibition featured old-school arcade machines like Asteroid and Donkey Kong, a display wall of old video game consoles, and heaps of games for vistors to play. One thing that I would have liked to see, though was more mention of games that had teams in Australia who contributed to them like L.A. Noire, Bioshock, and Dead Space...

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    Why July.... Melbourne in July? FFS why not just have it at Heard Island.

    Can't wait. I should book flights now though.

    Last edited 20/02/13 12:18 pm

      Hope they don't mind rain!

      Or maybe they hate the heat?

        Who wants to attend an indoor event on a warm summer weekend?

        As for the Heard Island suggestion, hardly anyone would go. Melbourne means a large number of people are just a train ride away, and the other biggest group of possible attendees are a dirt cheap 1 hour flight away.

          Probably the thousands of people who would rather commute then party without the inconvenience of shitty weather.

        Gabe & Tycho's homebase is in Seattle... so that could have something to do with their preference.

    Melbourne weather does fluctuate but not what you guys are going on about. We usually have 3-4days of the season followed by one day of the opposite season. Every month we have a day with all 4 seasons. Regardless Melbourne has better culture

    He can look down at the streets of Melbourne and expect to see it full of gamers, but there won't be any. They'll all be at the Showgrounds. ;-)

    I live in the Mid North Coast and I feel they really should have picked Brisbane. Why? Because from mine and others experiences: The further north you go from here, the nicer the places and people. And vice versa: The further south you go from here, the shittier the places and people. EXCEPT for perisha/thredbo, but only because of the snow.

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