He's Getting Threatened With Legal Action Over A Counter Strike Map

Fun fact: Canada has never appeared in a Counter Strike map before. That is, until Diego Liatis made a map of Montreal's Berri-UQAM station, which you can see above. Pretty cool, right? Well, not everyone feels that way.

According to The Escapist, Montreal's city transit authorities contacted Diego Liatis over their "copyrighted metro network," letting him know that because they feared his map would "create panic among the city's public transit users," they would consider legal action if he released the map.

To be specific, $US50,000 fine plus court costs. All because terrorists might use the map to learn how to get around the station.

Naturally the folks on the project thought it was "ridiculous" that they're not allowed to recreate a public space and designed the map anyway. The authorities are, in fact, considering legal action according to The Escapist.

Montreal Transit Threatens Lawsuit Over Counter-Strike Map [The Escapist]


    Create panic among the city's public transit users? I highly doubt those people are even aware of what the title of this game is, let alone knowing someone made a map of it.

      I'm sure the tabloid media could whip up a state of panic in no time if they chose to latch onto this.

    Use a game map to learn how to get around? I wasn't aware they weren't allowed to just walk into the station and see for themselves...

      But now they can practice while they're still in the badlands.

    why don't all the people who are worried just play CT?

    I've actually been to that station and when I saw the video my first reaction was "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?"

    Most of the station is missing from the map and it only shows one platform, Berri UQAM is were to main lines intersect and the route for the Yellow line to get across the river starts.

    How the hell can this be justified as "being used by terrorists to get around the station" when only a fraction of the station is used?

    Actually reminds me of the Subway from BF3 but with worse graphics/textures >.< but yeah seriously this is bs. *Insert I don't want to live on this planet anymore meme here*

    after watching the video I'm calling "HAXOR!!!"

    This map is mediocre at best, and they are suing over a vague likeness.

    Back in 2006 i made a CS map of my TAFE Campus and they embraced it and put it at their booth for a technology convention.

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