How To Advertise A Video Game In A British Tabloid

When hallowed British media institution The Sun partners with a video game publisher for some advertorial, as you can imagine, the results are deftly subtle.

The pair have managed to combine detailed coverage of Crysis 3 with a tasteful recognition of the broadening demographics of the video game market. How? By putting a blonde former popstar in bodypaint. Then writing things like this.

FORMER Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts shows she's a kitten with claws - donning full bodypaint to celebrate the launch of video game Crysis 3.

The saucy skin covering was in tribute to the game's trademark Nanosuit, a customisable set of power armour which helps the player battle through hordes of enemies.

But it's fair to say that the game's hero, Prophet, doesn't look anywhere near as good in the outfit as Ashley, with the black-and-grey paint showing off her sizzling curves.

And this:

Despite her stunning looks, the 31-year-old blonde admitted: "I might just be cuddled up with Coop. That kind of sounds sad doesn't it?"

And pushed on whether any fellas have stolen her heart since she moved to Britain, she said: "No, not yet...I've been busy, but we'll see."

If she's bored, the latest Crysis title looks like an intelligent answer to your average shooter, asking players to combine stealth with an all-guns-blazing approach to best their enemies.

She could try to kick-start her love life by asking a few fellas around for a game...

Keep it classy, The Sun. You too, EA (or whatever marketing firm repped you on this).

(A warning, if you want to read the whole thing, the images are kinda NSFW).

Puss in suit! [The Sun]


    While i was in the London (this Dec/Jan) The Sun were printing a topless girl in ever edition. Just thought you guys needed to be informed..

      page 3 is an institution. One that needs to die.

    There is a certain type of person who reads this rag, this is marketing at them, not you. So get your naval gazing head out your arse. If it insults your sensibilities, don't buy the Sun. It's advertising for a sci-fi shooter in which you kills thousands of humans and aliens, this is absolutely the correct market to be targeting, men. Some men in the UK buy... I don't even know what to call The Sun as tabloid doesn't seem to cover it, and it is going to be primarily men that buy this game. It isn't Ico, it isn't Journey, it's Crysis 3, can we just let men be men from time to time? Please.

    Last edited 20/02/13 7:58 pm

    For some reason, in the full pic, the proportions seem off...her head is huge.

    Just to inform the Aussies and Americans as a Brit now living in Oz, The Sun has topless girls EVERY day, always on page 3, to the point when "looks like a page 3 girl" is a common phrase. Although If you want REALLY shitty journalism and extra topless the Daily Star...sometimes there's two girls...urgh.

    I wish our "news" papers had page 3 girls

      We used to, I remember one of my grandfather papers he got regularly had a page 3 girl.

    It's an ad fully appropriate to its context. Stop white-knighting, it doesn't do the cause for equality any favours by tilting at windmills.

      It's absolutely fully appropriate to its context, because every Crysis game has you playing as a woman in the nano suit... oh wait.

    "Thanks for all the free press, you predictable fucking morons" ~EA marketing departement

    Well, to be fair to the lass, kotaku has cropped the pick so you can't see her nipplets

    Australia used to have something our own Page 3 girls in the tabloids. Not topless like that but bikinis, or using their arms for 'modesty'. As an Aussie - we're VERY familiar with the Page 3 girls - both our own and the ones in Britain ;-)

    As for this. She doesn't count - she's wearing a bikini top for crying out loud! heh.

    And honestly - it's a good promo. The nanosuit is integral to Crysis 3, it's tight as hell, it's targeting testosterone filled males, and it's on sale. Marketing win-win. I'm betting they tried to get a gun in there but were knocked back.

    lol "keep it classy the Sum" was that delibrately ignorant? Also, it's pretty obvious she isn't actually naked...the paint is clearly over top and bottom underwear. Way more tame than most page 3 girl images...

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