How To Control A First-Person Shooter With Only Two Fingers

In December, former Battlefield developer Ben Cousins revealed The Drowning, an ambitious first-person shooter aimed at both hardcore shooter fans and casual players alike. The game's simple two button control scheme is key to bridging the audience gap, and now we get to see how it works.

Interesting. It's certainly simple, but is it too simple for the hardcore player? I love the idea of using two fingers as gun sights, and Phosphor Games' Horn made me a believer in touch-to-move. I'm just having trouble imagining how it all comes together. I'm thinking this is the sort of control scheme that you have to play to really get. Good thing The Drowning is a free-to-play game.

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    That does sound very intuitive. Why no Android ffs.

      It'll be coming - found an article on droid gamers on this game with that twitter link.

      Last edited 15/02/13 10:20 pm

        Nice one, thanks for that

          Been like that since 08 on iPhone iPad. How is this new?

    Looks a lot easier than the current touchscreen control schemes. Some games could probably also use tilt-to-strafe.

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