I Hope Toukiden Has Enough Originality To Stand On Its Own

Toukiden is the new PS Vita game from Tecmo Koei. Originally announced as an entirely new title from the Omega-Force development team (of Dynasty Warriors fame), the game trailer showed a female warrior hacking up and killing a giant creature in a very medieval Japan sort of setting. Well, according to information released to Weekly Famitsu, it looks like the trailer isn't that far off from the actual game.

In Toukiden, players will take on the role of either a male or female "Mononofu" ("Mononofu" is an older Japanese word for "Warrior"), to battle against various demons. The game features a dismemberment mechanic where you can destroy certain parts of enemies to weaken them before you purify and destroy them.

Characters can choose from a variety of different appearances, voices and weapons for their character in the character creation. The game will also feature a multi-player system that will allow for cross-console play between PS Vitas and PSPs. There will also be allies in the game, although Tecmo Koei has not specified if or how allies will aid you in combat.

Overall, the game is looking more and more like a Tecmo Koei version of Monster Hunter (which I totally called last year). Hopefully the developers will be able to inject enough of their own brand of originality and knowhow to make a solid game that can be judged on its own merits.

Toukiden is scheduled for release this year in Japan. No Western release has been announced yet.

『討鬼伝』コーエーテクモゲームスが放つ渾身のハンティングアクション [ファミ通.com]


    Looks pretty sweet! Hope it comes to EU/AU...

      Vita is region free ^_^

        Only if you're prepared to factory reset it each time you want to set it up with a new region's account.

        Yeah I'll import if it's a retail release. I don't know about doing the 'factory reset to have multiple region PSN account' thing.

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