I Never Thought I'd See An N64 Controller As Beautiful As This One

Funny-looking and with a propensity for their joysticks to break just by looking at them, I think the N64 controller is - and I realise this is a relative award - Nintendo's worst ever controller.

Oh. Except this one, by Zoki64. This one's wonderful. Painted in a retro style and with a fabulous glossy finish, it looks so hot I'd be afraid to use it. It'd just sit there. Maybe in a glass box. And if anybody tried to even think about touching it, oh boy, there'd be all kinds of this going on.

custom NES themed N64 controller [DeviantArt, via it 8-bit]


    Worst controller ever? Oh Im sorry, I thought you said Gamecube with its wierd sticks, awkwardly placed buttons and wierd shoulder buttons... the N64 was a great controller. Games were literally designed around it. Try playing Goldeneye on a dual analogue stick controller. Just doesn't work.

      I've never gotten the game cube controller love. The second stick was awful, though the triggers were great.

      On topic: I mostly liked the N64 pad. Great for shooters.

        I found the GC controller great to use, fit perfectly into smaller hands, triggers and face buttons were amazing, and to be honest I never found the second stick awkward because I never played any FPSs on it.
        N64 pad was pretty good too, not nearly as comfortable but it more that served its purpose, I find it much more comfortable to use than the PS controller.

      Try playing Goldeneye on a dual analogue stick controller

      It works fine... Map the c-buttons to the left analogue stick, the n64 analogue to the right and set the control scheme in-game to 1.2. There you go - modern console controls

        I tried. Doesn't work very well. Goldeneye has very specific controls for a reason. It was designed with the N64 controller in mind.

          Goldeneye works SO much better with dual stick.
          An awful controller with games designed for it is still awful

            Don't see how. I tried it, it was clunky and just not good. Again, a game designed around the controller that worked specifically well for it.

      correction, play station controllers are the worst ever......all of them.

      The gamecube controller is my favourite. I wish the wiiU had ports for it. I think the playstation controllers suck. Oh well at least there both better than those crappy c64 ones. Black stick. White with red buttons. They sucked.

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      Im with you its up there as one of the best, only just behind the SNES and dreamcast controllers.
      1. Snes
      2. dreamcast
      3. N64
      4. Original xbox (the duke)
      5. xbox 360

      gamecube controller probably fairly low in my list, was too small and cramped.
      last possible place in existance. playstation

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    I loved the N64 controller. It was also hilarious watching some people use it for the first time. They would hold it by the cross in their left hand and stretch their thumb over to the stick. Idiots.

      Hardly idiots. The design isn't exactly intuitive...Unless you had 3 hands.

      That controller is sexy, shiny, fingerprint magnet.

        Ah man, so sick of the three hands response. It was Nintendo doing their usual 'play different ways' thing. I loved the n64 controller, especially compared to the crappy hand cramping ps1 control. As for the GC control, if they just put a top on the c stick it would have been perfection.

        Anyways, enough rant. This is the best custom controller I've ever seen, hands down.

          I held it by the DPad for fighters, held it by the stick for shooters and racers etc (anything requiring analogue) I found it quite intuitive myself and not hard to figure out at all?

          To be clear, I actually like the N64 controller. Calling people idiots because the first time they saw it they were confused it just wanky.

            Sheez, lighten up. The 'idiots' I refer to we're my mates, who are happy to cop some friendly banter. No need to defend the unspoken here, mate.

              THINK OF THE UNSPOKEN !!!!!

        Not sure about not intuitive, i was the first one to pick one up out of my mates, and i grabbed it by the middle instinctivly.

      I still use it like that. It's more comfortable for me, and I can reach every button (Z is with the right middle finger)

        Really? Kind of ruins the whole 'trigger' setup though.

          I've found most controller handles are too small for me because I've gotten used to holding the 64 controller so spread. I've never used one, but I think I'd be fine with the original xbox controller too.

            Fair enough. I used to love the hell out of the original xbox controller but over enough time I got used to all the smaller ones and now going back to it feels terrible.

    n64 controller = the best racing game ever (mario kart 64).
    that is all.

    I honestly didn't know people didn't like the N64 controller. It was amazing for its time and also introduced us to rumble paks

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