I Sure Hope The Dragon Quest VII Remake Comes To The West

Via GoNintendo, here are two new commercials for the Nintendo 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII, out in Japan this week. As expected, it looks great.

GoNintendo's also got a nice summary of the changes brought to this remake of the PlayStation 1 role-playing game — from the sounds of it, DQVII 3DS will be easier, less tedious and more user-friendly than its PSX counterpart.

Is it too much to hope that Square Enix will bring this one over here? Still no word on Final Fantasy Type-0 or Bravely Default, which fans have been requesting for quite some time now. But hey, at least we got Final Fantasy All The Bravest.


    FF ATB was lame though, Had to say it.

      The title of the article that he linked to with ATB, is 'The Slow, Excruciating Death Of Final Fantasy'. I don't think he was a fan either

    Please Q.Q
    I haven't had a DQ fix in a while

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