I Wanted A Bigger Phone, Samsung, But This Is Ridiculous

Last year, I switched from the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Going from the slender Apple device to the five-inch "phablet" took some getting used to, but these days I hardly notice it's larger than guy-sized phone, thanks largely (tee) to my oversized paws. I'm not sure those paws are ready to handle the eight-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

Coming in the second quarter of this year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is the iPad Mini of the Note line, falling in-between the Note II and the 10-inch Note 10.1. It's a bit prettier than the Mini, its 1280x800 display kicking out 189 pixels-per-inch to Apple's 163ppi. It's sporting Samsung's 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos 4 processor, 2GB of RAM and comes with either 32GB or 64GB of storage. It's a powerful little tablet with an OK screen.

And it's also a phone. A phone so big you could rest it against your face and take a nap on it.

From a gaming perspective I love the form factor. I've said it before and I shall say it many more times — seven to eight-inch screens are the sweet spot for mobile gaming. If you're going to get a device solely for mobile gaming, that's where you should go.

But as a phone?

Maybe if I were big into Bluetooth headsets I'd consider it. It would look great sitting on my desk with a wired headset hooked up. I just couldn't see myself tooling around town with it in my purse. Not that I carry a purse, but I would pretty much have to if this were my primary phone, and then where would I carry my makeup?

Hit up Gizmodo for hands-on impressions of the Galaxy Note 8.0. If only I had bigger hands.


    This is meant to hit a very, VERY niche market of people.

      DM me your gamertag on twitter...I prolly should have asked this on Twitter...

    It's a tablet that can be a phone.

    The Samsung 7.7 3G could be used as a phone also I believe.

    I have a non 3g 7.7 and it is a great tablet. I was so going to get one of these until I saw how hideous and plastic it was.

      Agreed, it's not marketed as a phone, but as an all in one "note pad" I would consider the phone a bonus.

    I was dissapointed when I found out the 3G PS vita couldn't be used as a phone.

    Remember when everyone wanted the smallest possible phone? It wasn't uncommon to see people putting a phone to their ear then having to move the phone to their mouth because it was so small.

    Oh how the times have changed.

    Yes but while phones are getting bigger they are getting thinner so its easy to fit in your pocket.

    sweet, found my new phone, been looking for something to replace my almost dead xperia play, now i found it, a phone with a large screen, awesome!!!!!

    they had all the hardware for a phone so they made it so you could make calls, i don't think they were aiming at people who wanted to look like retards using the thing as a phone

      Correct. They made it for the retards who have Bluetooth headsets permanently attached to their ears. They'll sell a million units in Singapore easily.

    This is exactly what I want. I would have loved the iPad mini if it offered to make calls. Wouldn't need my phone then!

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