I Would Play The C64 Version Of The Walking Dead Until The End Of Days

Telltale's Mark Darin, just for kicks, has taken 2012 adventure series The Walking Dead (which he helped write) and thrown it back a few decades, imagining it as a Commodore 64 title.

He's pretty much nailed it. From the resolution to the colour palette. I'm now a little bummed out I can't actually play this. Maybe I'll just print the amazing cover art off and pretend.

Walking Dead game for the Commodore 64! [DeviantArt]


    I would kickstart the hell out of that

    to be honest, it would have the same amount of 'game' than telltales modern version and would be more suited for the old style text based adventure game.

      Indeed. I can already imagine it...

      You locked the door after entering the house. A walker sneaked up behind you while you were in the kitchen and is attacking you. Blood is on the floor near the exit to the kitchen. A little girl is standing outside the sliding door of the house holding a hammer.

      What do you do next?

        /Grab hammer from little girl
        /hit walker
        /hit walker with what
        /hit walker with hammer
        /attack missed
        /hit walker with hammer
        /attack missed

          *Do not understand grab

          /GET hammer from the little girl

          *Do not understand

          /GET hammer from little girl

          *Do not understand


          *You do not see a baby goat in the room.

          *Too late. The zombie has eaten you. You are dead.



          10 print "This sucks balls, why wasn't it programmed better with more words?"
          20 Goto 10


          Last edited 13/02/13 11:57 pm

            This is a good summary of my every attempt at text-based adventure games, and in a sense with all "story-driven" games. If the story's so great, couldn't I just read the story?

      Infocom text adventures still stand up well now.
      They made you think, having to create to world in your head. Frantically mashing at the keyboard does not help.

    Yay! Nostalgia! Definitely what we need more of.

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