If Pixar Wants To Make A Street Fighter Movie, They Should Hire This Guy

We've shown some of the artwork and character designs that Brazilian artist Victor Hugo Queiroz has been doing for his quirky-cool fan film Street Fighter III — Fuurinkazan.

And after a few years in development, he's released a trailer that pits Ryu against Hugo. Be sure to watch until the very end for a special guest appearance. Can't wait to see more!


    Oh god... Ryu! What happened to you?! I'm not saying this video is bad, but... He's so damn skinny!

      Season 2 nerfs

    Wow this is awesome. And I don't mind that Ryu is a bit on the scrawny side. The fact that everyone had insanely steroid-buffed types of muscles (including chicks :O) was a lil unrealistic for me. :)

    He only looked tiny compared to Hugo. Hugo is bigger than Zangief.

    So damn good...

    this is awesome! i want to see more! :)

    Outstanding Boob physics. Take my money already.

    While Ryu was a touch scrawny, it's good to see a different vision of how the SF characters should be sylised. And the animation was great, would be good to see more!

    that was really good - i like the cg claymation style

    lol @ the ending.

    Totally knows how to make an adaptation!

    Yeah nice but cheesy but I like to see Joey Ansah translates his Street Fighter show and hoping to be good

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