If This Isn't One Of The Most Absurd Classes In An RPG, It's Certainly Up There

So, there's new Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC. With it, comes new maps and characters. One of these characters comes with a special item that can transform other characters into a special class. The bride class. I'm serious. Watch the trailer above if you'd like to get a quick glimpse.

Curious about the class, I ended up on the Fire Emblem wiki page. To quote:

As its name suggests, characters of the class wear a bride's wedding dress. Eirika starts off in this class and any female character can access this class by using a Wedding Bouquet when they're Level 10 or over (or any Level, if in a promoted class).

...what? Why is "bride" a class? Are we getting a "groom" class down the line? Thankfully, you're not using a bouquet as a weapon here. But still.

Typically, I can't really hold this stuff against a game. RPGs need to figure out how to keep things interesting, and giving us unusual classes is one such way. Jason Schreier mentioned "Calculators" to me for example, which is a class from Final Fantasy Tactics.

Though as silly as Calculators sound — you use "Arithmeticks" — the idea of killing someone with maths is at least kind of awesome.

Bride though? Really? You're not about to go around just like, marrying all your enemies are you? And you're on the battlefield...in a wedding dress. Look at this concept art, courtesy of the bride's Fire Emblem wiki page.

It's not even cool Uma Thurman type bride either. If this isn't one of the most absurd class-types I've seen in an RPG, it's certainly up there.

But I'm curious if you guys can think of classes that can top this: as I said, the genre is no stranger to weird classes. What would get your vote?


    This is so relevant to us. Especially since the game isn't out here for 2 more months.

      I imported and got it a month ago! It's pretty good!

        That must be the way to go because if I read every article kotaku has published on it I rekon i'd just about have seent he whole game by now.

    Man I just don't get the appeal of JRPGs. This shit is weird.

      Lol you gotta be in the right mood i guess :P

    Poor Patricia Hernandez - always the bridesmaid, never the bride?

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      Goddamn... seriously? Leave her alone, ffs

        Why? The vast majority of Fire Emblem players will think the addition of a Bride class will be a cute and fun addition. An appropriate article would be one revealing the new character/ class and letting readers draw their own conclusions about it.

          Hence why the article talked about how it was weird not sexist. Even the line about the groom was likely about how peculiar that one specific choice was. The paragraph at the end makes it clear - it was about how weird the class was. You guys made it about something else

            You are being very generous by accepting her use of the word 'weird' as a synonym for 'unusual', but you are being too generous by ignoring her use of 'absurd' in the title and not reading the article in the context of her recent work.

        Goddamn... seriously? Leave her alone, ffs


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      "…what? Why is “bride” a class? Are we getting a “groom” class down the line? Thankfully, you’re not using a bouquet as a weapon here. But still."

      "Bride though? Really? You’re not about to go around just like, marrying all your enemies are you? And you’re on the battlefield…in a wedding dress."

      She sound so bitter and insane, it's sad. Although she might also be the greatest troll ever.

      It would actually be pretty funny and cool to use a bouquet as a weapon, something that wouldn't be out of place in Shadow Hearts...I miss that series so much :'(

        Someone is "insane", ie., has a serious mental illness, if they have opinions about weird shit now. Right. Gotcha.


    Oh wait.

      It's a warfare simulator with a blushing bride as one of the female characters in a horribly impractical dress. What about this is not sexist? I guess there's less cleavage in this than in every other game

        Maybe you should wait and see how the class plays before you make value judgements about it, because it could make perfect sense.
        And maybe you shouldn't base your assumptions on a piece of concept art, because the class could end up being super useful or kick ass.
        And maybe you should consider how many more women in this game are in armour and brandishing massive weapons and fight alongside men as equals, women who aren't "blushing brides".

        Just maybe.

        Instead of jumping to "THAT'S SEXIST".

          I said blushing brides because in the concept art, she is blushing. I only said she was sexist because it is so often a trope in Japanese media - the shy, demure, innocent woman, that it gets on my nerves. It would have been better if they created a class that did not conform to an unfavourable stereotype. That said, if the art was only to get it to look more 'bridal', I guess it's not that bad. Just don't claim you can't see anything sexist about it, because that's an element in there

            First. Go watch the announcement video and check out the final 3D model for the class. It looks elegant, almost stunning, in a powerful way. No cleavage, or exaggerated curves.

            Second. Just because something "gets on your nerves", that doesn't make it sexist, that means it annoys you.

            Third, I maintain that to call this sexist based on a single feminine-appearing character class, when the rest of the game's females are strong and empowered warriors, is a load of shit. It isn't sexist. Not even remotely.

            *edited to fix a sentence I started and didn't finish.

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              I watched the video (finally) and it does make it look a lot more natural than the art, although that was where I had the problem.

              But I don't think that just because something doesn't show cleavage it can't be sexist and I maintain that in the vast quantity of Manga I've read (and other Japanese media consumed), there is something overtly sexist about the amount of women who are represented as either the innocent type or the tsundere type. And it was the sexism that I believed existed that got on my nerves.

              I haven't played the game, so I guess I'll defer to you in that the other characters are well-defined. But that doesn't mean you should excuse them IF this character is a 2D stereotype.

      I know what you mean, that's all she ever seems to write about.

    Do they class change to Waifu if you level them up enough?

      This made me lol... Got some funny looks from workmates.

      *spits tea all over screen*

      Oh god that's the funniest thing I've heard all day!

    Saying "one of the most" and "up there" seems redundant to me, title should be along the lines of "if it isn't the most absurd class, then its definitely up there". Also I never got into the FE games but all this talk is making me want it.

    You need to fire up Dungeons of Dredmor :D
    While its not an actual 'class' you choose, there are some choice skills to be had.

    I personally like Emomancy and Killer Vegan.


    Given how the game has a fleshed out relationship and marriage system, having a bride class really isn't anything too obscure. If anything it adds to the atmosphere of war, and considering how a lot of the women in the game take on front line combat roles, why can't they pick up a lance or bow she their wedding gets crashed? So yeah, what's the problem here again and how it absurd?

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    There were a couple of lines in this where the joke came across a kind of bitter. Is Patricia lonely?

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