In Injustice, There Can Be Only One (Red-Suited Guy With A Lightning Bolt On His Chest)

Really now. Considering the history these two have, you didn't think there was any way Flash was going to lose to Captain Marvel Shazam in the latest hype video from Injustice: Gods Among Us, did you?

Let's recap. Captain Marvel began life as "Captain Thunder" in Flash Comics, an ashcan edition published by Fawcett meant to secure advertisers and copyrights to the character name and title. It failed at the latter two. Thus "Captain Marvel" debuted in late 1939 in Whiz Comics No. 2, with The Flash (Jay Garrick) hitting newsstands in Flash Comics a month earlier.

These two have been blood enemies since birth.

So maybe that's why you see the Big Red Cheese getting (in order): hit by a Dumpster; hit by the gas tank from a big rig; kicked into a helicopter; hit by an around-the-world (and we mean around-the-world) punch at supersonic speed; smashed by a wrecking ball and then the Gotham 315 local. The worst Flash gets is is a movie theatre marquee to the kisser.

In the undercard of two bouts the Injustice gang staged yesterday, The Joker brings a knife and a squirt-flower to an armoured battle-suit fight and somehow beats Lex Luthor by stabbing him in the balls.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is out April 16.


    Out of the two Shazam has a reason to have a lightning bolt on his costume, I mean, his powers come and go via lightning bolt, while flash is just really fast.

      except that the flash in this game is Barry Allen, who was hit by a lightning (which was actually just himself from the future) and knocked into a pile of chemicals in a lab.

      Last edited 17/02/13 5:09 pm

    I'm just not convinced about this game. Joker has superpowers now?

      Where has it said he has super powers?

        He punched Lex Luthor (who was wearing a power suit) through a multi story building. He also survived being knocked through many floors of that same building, then being at the centre of an explosion that was visible from space. That's super human strength and endurance.

          the answer is always batman

            So by your theory, all characters (bar a couple) should die instantly being hit by superman?

    I thought the answer was always "Bacon"

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