In Space, Everyone Can See Your Ship Explode Into Rainbows

GoD Factory: Wingmen is, according to developer nine dots, "a competitive multiplayer game in which the goal for your team is to destroy the enemy carrier while protecting your own."

I know, these space games are making a very welcome comeback, but look at those colours. You'll be able to design and build your own ships. Interestingly, after this game is done, the team want to make another in the same universe, only this time a singleplayer adventure with campaign and story.

Oh, and also get it running on the Oculus Rift headset.

GoD Factory [Official Site]


    This looks pretty good. I love space games, but don't like all of the downtime, complexness and trading that normally comes with them.

    Like X2, a great game but weeks of gameplay to get enough money to buy a Destroyer. I played it for months had a great thing going with heaps of station and transports making me $$$. But I had one main fighter, one destroyer, a few small escorts in the bad sectors, but I never got enough money to buy a Carrier or ever the massive Battleships, just to pricey.

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