In The Video Game Alphabet, Link Is Crushed By The Moon

Comic artist Brentalfoss has come up with a video game alphabet that I would buy as a poster in a heartbeat. Oh, it's available as a poster? Wonderful.

Based on vintage child-death catalogue The Gashlycrumb Tinies, the temptation is there to put it on a kid's wall, some of these are actually pretty dark. Then again, someone who's a kid now probably won't even know what the hell Majora's Mask is, so that may actually be fine.

The Game Over Tinies [Brentalfloss, via Gamefreaks]


    Brentalfloss is the name of the comic and it's subject not the artist, the artist is Tom Preston a.k.a Andrew Dobson. Brentalfloss is a musician best known for his video games with lyrics videos.

    Here are some great letters Luke!
    R E S A C H. You can use them to spell RESEARCH.
    No I didn't make it up. It's a real word!

    These comics are so good - definitely my favourite of the Sunday Comics

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