In This Mind-Bending Game, You Fix Other People's Memories

Imagine a future where memory loss and mental illness could be cured. Sounds a little crazy, right? But that's the premise behind upcoming adventure game, Ether One.

You are what they call a "restorer", someone who has the ability to enter people's memories and fix them. A little like To The Moon in that way, only it doesn't sound like altering people's memories will result in death.

Also, in this game you have amnesia... which is ironic and yet not surprising! I bet this fact gives you complications as you play, but that's speculation. Naturally, you try to find yourself along the way and whatnot.

The trailer above showcases scenes from what is actually the first half of a larger story. It looks compelling. If you think so too, you can vote for Ether One on Steam Greenlight, here. The official website, meanwhile (which features screenshots), is here.


    After reading this, I envision Arnie doing a post Total Recall chair session in Dear Esther...

    From the description alone I am reminded of Psychonaughts.

    I'm intrigued and want to know more.

    Many first person perspective games like this share the same basic mechanics but the story is what really has the power to differentiate and draw people in.

    Traversing game worlds where the setting is the human psyche is a fantastic idea and allows so much freedom in environmental design. The more quirky, strange or thought provoking the scenery is, the more I'm likely to take my time and appreciate the experience rather than just 'rush' through it.

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