Insane Rider Brings Trials' Bike-Riding Madness To Life

If you thought the kind of artificial, hair-tearing stunts found in the Trials series were the only way you'd see dirtbike tricks like that, well, Aussie rider Robbie Maddison would like a word.

In this clip, put together by DC Shoes, he rides around an old airbase pulling off stuff that should only really be done from the safety of a couch, Xbox controller in hand, dictionary full of self-loathing curse words at your side.

Watch Robbie Maddison practice two-wheel hoonage in an aircraft graveyard [autoblog, via Simon Carless]


    Can't wait for Trials to hit pc in a few months.

    Too much slow mo, not enough obscure riddles.

    (nah it was cool)

    That's Freestyle Dirt, not Trial! Trial has been around for decades - it was not created by the (excellent) games. This is Trial:
    Still a cool video though.

    Last edited 14/02/13 11:47 am

    9:40 "oops"

    Some great cinematography and editing there, good work. Pity the second half is just an add for shoes and shirts.

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