Iron Man's New Armour Can Fit On Your Desk

I'm not sold on the Mark XLII armour in the upcoming Iron Man 3. There is just so much gold. But, hey, colour preferences aside, you can at least count on Hot Toys to nail the plastic representation of the thing in adult collectible form.

Priced at $US165, he will be out in May, comes with a range of extra gear like interchangeable hands, and stands 12 inches tall.

Iron Man Mark XLII [Sideshow]


    At $100 to $120 I could see this line working for them, but at that price I'd hold out for their proper MMS figure rather than a statue with a couple of interchangable parts... :/

    For those interested, like myself, this is a "power pose" figure, meaning it only has 2 poses. The standing repulsor arm out pose and the flying pose. I've contacted Sideshow and they are quite confident that there will be a XLII fully articulated 6th scale figure coming out from HotToys soon enough. Just a heads-up :)

    Mark XLII? Am I reading that correctly? When did he get to number 42?

      It's number 42 because in the comics, the Extremeis arc, he can control all his suits with one, and the suit that he can control them all with is his 42nd suit. I think.

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    The only reason they keep changing his armor is so they can sell new toy versions of it.

    Transparent as hell.

      Or, y'know, there's been Iron Man comics for 40 years, and he's had dozens of different suits since he appeared in the Marvel Universe?

        I know that, but the frequency and changes in the films is for toys.
        It's the way hollywood works.

        It's why they do things like redesign the transformers. People already have the toys of the old ones. So the new film there's new toys!

    have you read the comic?
    over the many different archs and writers, the suit changes very often.
    if the suit didn't change in the movies, it would'nt be canon and it'd just be shit.

    I do hate the look of the Mark XLII... I also hate how Iron Man 2 more or less skipped over the tech side of things. All of a sudden he's got tones of variations and your left thinkin "I wish they'd just do a quick montage of him building the new armour" - kind of like in Iron Man 1 where he's constantly tinkering. But then again, thats just my opinion.

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