Is Sony Going To Announce The Next PlayStation On February 20?

Is Sony Going To Announce The Next PlayStation On February 20?

Sony just posted this video on the PlayStation blog. Looks like a teaser for the next PlayStation (code-named Orbis), don’t you think? It ends with a date: February 20, 2013. Will Sony announce their next console then?

We’ve reached out to Sony to ask what’s up.


  • hmmmn. hopefully they do, cause im keen for a PS3 and the news hype should bring down the console price for the PS3…

      • Man if you’re still waiting for a PS3 price drop below $200 so you can buy one in 2013… i’m not sure what you’re doing on a games website.

        If you’d like I can sell you some old Hyper mags from 2006 so you can keep up to date with games you can afford.

      • I was more looking at new consoles due to bad history with pre owned crap, for a new console with atleast 320Gb drive your looking at atleast $280 ($300+ retail) and i have to go retail (ie jb/eb)

        • Why do you want a new console you will (most likely) replace in under 12 months when preowned consoles come with a 12 month warranty?

          That’s the real question.

        • y dont u just by a slim ps3 for about $230 jb hifi u only get 12gb but thats enough for starters
          then u can just go grab any 2.5″hdd which eva size u want and upgrade it urself

  • “We’ve reached out to Sony to ask what’s up.”

    I’m sure they’ll get right back to you Mark.

    In a little less than 3 weeks. 😛

  • looks promising. the blog post is titled “See the Future”
    keen as fk to see what the next gen consoles are going to be like.

  • Do want. Not sure if enough want to get it day 1 it’s released like I did the last 3 consoles though. I think I’ve learned my lesson, finally.

    • Yeah, me too. I think my plan is spend the first 12 months of the ‘new’ console cycle going through the games I missed on the PS3 (I mostly play 360) then jump in a year later when the hardware is more reliable, the range of games is better, there’s some kind of price consolidations and there’s clearer signs as to which is more suitable for me. However desperate I am for new tech, all of those points say I’d be foolish to go earlier than that.

  • Looks like Sony isn’t going to wait for MS…

    THat or they are just releasing another PS3 model… Seems to be Sonys model…

  • I’m going to be an inflammatory fan-boy here and suggest that this is going to be a crock of bullshit from Sony to scare people off buying the WiiU and Xbox whatever which will be out sooner.

    Sony have a long history of massively bullshitting when making early console announcements especially when they know they won’t have to back it up for some time. I haven’t read any reports that suggest the PS4 is going to be out for at least 10 months. This announcement could just be thrown out there to make people question buying the other two before then.

    Remember when they announced the PS2 just after the Dreamcast launch and said all kinds of ridiculous shit about cloud processing and it being the power of 10,000 consoles or something?
    I’m going to do some research and dig up the story if anyone’s interested but it put a LOT of people off buying a Dreamcast. Other examples include the ridiculous looking “real-time” video of Killzone that was shown at the PS3 launch and the removal of several hardware elements (ports mostly I think) from the time the PS3 was announced and the time it was released.

    Again, I’ll have to do some searching to find some of this stuff but Sony do have a history of bullshitting to hype their consoles.

    • I’m with you on this on Foggy I don’t expect to see a PS4 or Next-Box on shelves this year. Could be wrong, but I just don’t see it happening.

      Than again they need to shake up their buisness model so maybe they’ll try not blatantly lying to the public about their next machine.

    • They do have the pressure of actually trying to generate some profit don’t they? Aren’t Sony in a bad way financially at the moment? Pretty sure this could be more a case of a desperate move to generate some cash, more than a sinister plot. That said, of course it’s a sinister plot, this is business, anything goes.

      • It’s more of an evil plot than most, at least what they did to the Dreamcast was.

        They vastly overstated the “potential” specs of the PS2 at a time when it wasn’t close to ready for release. It completely nullified the advanage Sega could have gained by jumping first and stopped people from buying DCs, by the time they had to ‘fess up to the actual PS2 limitiations it was just around the corner and was more powerful than the Dreamcast.

        If they’d come out in March 99 and told people what the actual PS2 specs would have been people may not have been so inclined to wait.

  • It’d fit roughly with the announcement timeline of the last few PlayStations (earlier than the PS3, but they announced that at E3, which is much less relevant to games news in 2013 than it was in 2006), And they have to announce it eventually, right? I mean, all evidence points to it being out this year, and the longer they leave it the more the likelihood of the new Xbox taking the excitement.

    It could, of course, be something completely different, but I’d say it doesn’t look unlikely.

  • Feb 20th: “Please wait while we download the announcement. This announcement cannot be downloaded in the background. Estimated time: 3,642 minutes”

  • If Sony wants to learn from their past mistakes with the PS3 they need to do the following (some of which apparently are happening)

    1. Make it eaiser to program games for – devlelopers found it hard to make games for the PS3 (initally) due to the Cell/PowerPC arctitecture. According to the dev kit specs that leaked Sony is running eight-core AMD CPU and AMD graphics (based off the current tech)

    2. If they want to follow the WiiU route and have a inbult LCD type screen controller…they don’t need to develop another controller…they have one already…it’s call the PS Vita (should boost some sales of the Vita methinks). I really don’t know about these inbuilt LCD screen type controllers.

    3. Manufacturing costs need to be at a reasonable level…given than the PS3 initially cost and arm and a leg to manufacture which meant a very high day 1 price….most of the parts now should be a lower cost than 3-4 years ago.

    4. Backwards compatiblity – Since the PS4 is using a Blu-Ray drive…it would be assumed that it will have PS3 backwards compatinlity but then again…how would these games work on new architecture how can it be implemented to a satisfactory level

    5. (The most important IMO) – Release it before Microsoft’s new Xbox – Sony sees Microsoft as their number 1 competitor (sorry Nintendo) and they can’t give Microsoft any lead time…Microsoft had a full year of sales before the PS3 hit the market and had been fighting up ground since day 1

    • 1. Solid rumours already point to the PS4 having a standard processor rather than something complicated like the Cell, which was what made making games an issue.

      2. They have already pretty clearly stated thats what they will be doing with the vita

      3. Once again the more standard processor could help there and they are doing no onboard emulation which was an issue for the ps3’s cost

      4. probably not, once again same rumours as before, there will be additional attachment required for ps3 emulation, this becomes especially true if they arent using a Cell based processor as a more standard processor wont be able to run ps3 games.

      5. yeah probably

      • Remember that Gaikai acquisition? I think that’s how Sony will handle issues of PS3 backwards compatibility. You’ll be able to play PS3 games on rental or subscription basis. Imagine if PS+ for PS4 gave you unlimited access to a decent library of PS3 games! Sony would definitely have a winner on its hands…

  • I went with 360 in this gen and its obvious that PS3 had a better end life. I’ll wait to see what MS do (I’m in no hurry as I have my wiiu) but I’m very likely getting a PS4.

      • i want it to be real so i can buy it but, i hope its not because the ps3 still has life in it and they should focus more on the vita

        • If anything, I think the Vita has a better chance if they get the PS4 out there. Assuming it has some strong PS4 – Vita connectivity features then releasing the PS4 could also give Vita sales a bit of a push.

  • I wonder what their selling tagline will be… the PS3 already “only does everything”, right?

    It only does everything… faster?

  • So is it my imagination or do you think they are showing edges and surfaces of the new console in that video? They then end up becoming the 4 symbols.
    Maybe I should remove my tinfoil hat?

    • I really had such high hopes for the Vita. Mine is just gathering dust. Hopefully that changes once I get Persona 4 Golden.

  • Unless Sony move the PS4 console in a direction I’m not fond of (stupid features, etc), their portfolio of games across the PS3 has cemented where my money will be heading for the next gen.

  • I havnt been a play station boy this generation, But I really am looking forward to any announcements. The WiiU really didnt thrill me, so i am hoping Sony up the ante. Will be good to see what the next gen can do. Sony really need to kick goals here. The death of playstation (though inconceivable even with Sony’s current woes) Would only hurt the console industry as a whole, so i want it to be good.

  • Bring. It. I was ready a year ago, and I just got a 55″ Bravia so am now itching to play some full-res 1080p 3D goodness! Then by the time PS5 is out (if this isn’t the last traditional console gen) I’m sure I’ll have a 4K or 8k set to do it justice. 🙂

  • I wonder if they’ll release a new VITA model as well, maybe they could shrink the system while keeping the screen size the same, a new model should help sales and give them a second chance to get back at the handheld market.

    • One with (even a tiny) built in flash drive would probably increase sales a fair bit. One of the biggest problems atm is once you buy a Vita you also need to buy games and a (rather pricey) memory stick too.

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