Is This Concept Art For Sony Liverpool's Cancelled Wipeout Game?

Last August, Sony shuttered SCE Studio Liverpool, the developer once known as Psygnosis. It was rumoured that before the closure, the studio was working on a new Wipeout title, potentially for the next-gen PlayStation. While we may never see such a title, we do at least have some concept art for it.

Eurogamer was the origin of said rumour — according to "reliable" sources, SCE Studio Liverpool had a "far along" build of Wipeout, along with another, unannounced "Splinter Cell-style" game. Some hand-drawn images recently popped up on the CGHub profile for one "Darren Douglas". A person with the same name worked for Studio Liverpool for over 18 years as a concept artist, going by this LinkedIn account.

The images in question all reference "Wipeout 2048" in their descriptions, but other than a few brief words to give the sketches context, there are no other details to be found. That said, given what we know, it's likely the pieces are indeed concepts for a Wipeout game.

Whether it still lives on somewhere in the bowels of Sony, or has been cast into the depths of a backup drive... who knows?

Darren Douglas [CGHub, via Gaming Bolt]

Images: Darren Douglas


    Do Psygnosis own Wipeout? Because a Wipeout Kickstarter would see me involved.

      Sony own both Psygnosis and the Wipeout IP. I guess if the former team wanted to they could probably create a "spiritual successor" with a different name.

      I wonder if Sony have another team somewhere working on Wipeout now. It'll feel weird if there's no Wipeout game on PS4.

    This looks absolutely amazing! Concept art maybe yet you could vision what that game would've been like, shame we'll probably never see it in action

    Wipeout was the first game I got for my psp and ps3, I really hope they do release one for new gen.

    The rumour was that even though Studio Liverpool was closing, they were kinda merging the studio with Evolution (including name) and a new studio was opening somewhere in Europe (because it was cheaper than making games in the UK).

    I honestly don't see WipEout dying out, it was a big success on the PS3, the cross-functionality with the Vita gave new life to the game and certainly expect another WipEout game on the PS4 down the track.

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