Is This Our First Clue About The Price Of The PlayStation 4?

A report in a Japanese newspaper may provide an early clue as to precisely how much we will be paying for the PlayStation 4 when (and if) it's released in 2013.

As reported by The Verge, the Asahi Shimbun is reporting that the PlayStation 4 is set for release in 2013 in both the US and Japan (no mention of Europe or Australia) and will cost 40,000 yen. At current exchange rates that is the equivalent of 414 Australian dollars — almost $600 less than the launch price for the PlayStation 3 in Australia.

For the sake of comparison, the PlayStation 3 launched in Japan at 60,000 yen so, if there's any weight to this report, it could be that Sony is looking to launch its new home console at a more affordable price.

But it's all very speculative at this point. The Asahi Shimbun is a major newspaper in Japan, so less prone to pull these figures from thin air. All signs point to a PlayStation 4 announcement on February 20, but at this point we can't be certain. Therefore all discussions of pricing should be taken with a pinch of proverbial salt.

That said — it would make sense for the PlayStation 4 to be a more affordable console, considering the initial difficulties Sony had shifting units with the PS3 and the Vita.

PlayStation 4 report suggests $400+ price [The Verge]


    If the PS4 is around $400 at launch in Australia, that thing will sell so quickly. That's almost as cheap as the Wii U, and that's the 'cheap' console!

      Agreed. Indeed, it'll be in sell-out territory at that price. Would seriously have to consider pre-ordering at that price, and i've already convinced myself not to buy one yet - still, that was mainly based on it being a high cost item, but $400 is very easily justified, especially given I have a PSN account already paid for, and the PS3 is starting to get a bit shakey in playing movies from external hard drives.

      I think $400 will draw in a large proportion of the sence fitters like me.

      The cynic in me immediately assumes it'll be 50 to 100% more expensive here though because 'stralia. Not sure if Sony is actually guilty of this in the past or not though. I just get used to it.

    You all so have to remember that when the PS3 came out Blu-ray was still a new format. It would of cost a lot to build them into the PS3. Now days you can buy a BR player for under $120. I'll be very interested to see what happens in the next few weeks.

      Actually now days you can buy a Sony Blu-ray for much less than that.
      I got one late last year for $79 as a bundle with The Avengers on BD.
      The Sony Blu-ray player also connects to the internet to stream YouTube etc and on-demand TV services like iView and SBS and dozens of others.

      So yeah - Blu-ray tech is really cheap now.

    I'd buy between $400 and $550 - but the upper end only if there was a game I REALLY wanted, and didn't want to wait six months.

      Same with me. $400 and I can pull the trigger. My PS1 cost $199. PS2 $399. PS3 $450 I think (?), whatever it cost when the Slim came out.

      $400 isn't an absurd price, and it's unlikely to drop significantly for 2 or more years.

      If it releases for $550 it's a price jump that I could well afford, but find harder to justify, and would probably resist in the expectation that there would be bundles and discounts in the Christmas run-up, if not prior.

      I think $400 is the magic number.

    Hits the region lock button

    It seems the holiday 2013 release for JPN/US and early 2014 release for EU/AUS is looking accurate. I was hoping it would be around the $400-$500 price range. $399 for a basic model without a HDD sounds about right. I'm also wondering if they'll do a bundle without controllers (assuming they keep the DS3) that will lower the price.

      I'd be very surprised if they have a SKU without a hard drive. It'll probably be a low-capacity one, maybe 12gb Flash like the current low-end Super-slim PS3 model. Possibly they'll launch with just the one larger drive too, I feel like a low-capacity baseline system would work against them if they intend to push digital distribution hard.

        Yeah, that's what I meant, about the flash memory instead of HDD. And I agree that the digital distribution angle would render that a somewhat poorly thought-out plan. I also understand that the 12GB version of the PS3 is not available in the US. I do think that the $414 or equivalent price will be for a 'basic' system though. I'll be very interested to see what they include in terms of storage, controllers and the like.

      No controllers would be a smart move, but do they really cost that much to make? I have no idea. I should imagine they're sold for $80 or so just because people will pay that much, but could be sold for much less. I have no real idea though.

      I hope they get the HDD solution right. 12gb for the super slim is dumb. That's the kind of move that Nintendo would make, and Sony really ought to know better.

      Running from an external hard drive ala the Wii U would be ideal but totally understandable if they don't do that due to piracy concerns.

      Minimum 500gb for me, but I'd rather get 1TB as long as don't get silly with pricing.

    I would pay AU$414 on launch, BUT NO MOAR!

    Last edited 07/02/13 2:42 pm

    The system was ludicrously priced in Australia though, so that $600 less thing is misleading. I imported my PS3 (40gb model) from Japan, couriered shipping and with three games and paid less than I would have for the system alone in Australia.

    I bet it's $600 when it comes out here.

    Gotta factor in that Australia tax!

      I prefer to refer to it as the convict tax.

      This. The taxing makes the price for consoles/handhelds extremely unappealing. Then people blame the company for the price rise

    I think you guys are forgetting to include the Australia tax into it making it more likely $600-$800 at launch.

    I'd except a $600-$700 launch here. Prices here are NEVER equivalent to other nations. $414 would be amazing and i'd probably buy one day-one at that price, but there's no way i'm expecting it.

    Playstation have been notoriously bad for pricing their systems at launch ludicrously. If this thing hits Australia for $400-$500 and provides a truly next-gen experience, Sony will make a killing. Especially if the rumours about the new Xbox are true.

      I would hope that Sony might have learned from a generation of catch up after being top dog.

    it sucks how we have to pay so much for things like playstation :(

    the PS3 was like 599 USD at launch, we paid 999 :(

    so 400 is more likely to mean 600-700 for us.

      Just remember the AUD was at 80 cents at the time. Now it is at 103 cents. That's gotta factor in. I think even with the Australia Tax (which should be less now than it was in 2007) we'd be looking at around $500 tops.

    You won't get anywhere near $400 here. I reckon you'll see $600 as a minimum, maybe up to $800 depending on what they do with hard drive size, etc.

    I'll still be waiting for good games before I make the plunge

      GIven how quiet a lot of Sony's internal developers have been over the past 2 years or so (Guerilla, Media Molecule, Evolution, the Uncharted team at Naughty Dog, etc), I wouldn't be too surprised if they have some good games ready to go pretty early in the piece. Especially if the reports of the hardware being much easier to develop for than PS3 are true.

        Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure we know exactly what media molecule and naughty dog are working on right now?

          We know what parts of them are doing. Naughty Dog expanded to 2 teams and set the 2nd team to work making The Last Of Us. So they've got another team that's been working on something since Uncharted 3 that hasn't been announced. Media Molecule also have a second game in the works other than Tearaway which also hasn't had any kind of public showing that I'm aware of, but is presumably a PS4 title.

          Only half of Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us, their studio is split into two, for two simultaneous projects

    3ds, vita, Wii U only added $100 more to the US price tag here and we got good deals from store sales $50 off and a free game so basically paying US price. Lets hope it continues this way.

      Yep, Wii U is very well priced, so was the Wii. The Vita is becoming well priced by the look of it. The 3DS has been extremely well priced, I picked one up for $119 from DSE. Really only the PS3 and 360 have been spoiling the party.

      $400 is not outside the realms of possibility and will be largely credited to the US dollar situation as Zambayoshi pointed out.

    Don't get your hopes up, 400 price range is a dream and anyone expecting that is going to be crushed.

    Along with others, expect to see the PS4 hit between the $599 and $799 this time around, depending on the HDD size and if they actually do 1/2 SKUs.

    That will place it around the prices of the PS1 and PS2 before it. Sony won't be silly to hit the $1K mark again.

    400 dollars would be an insanely good price. Please Sony, for your own sake, don't price it stupidly.

    Hmm, at this point I'm interested far less in price and far more in features. If they give me full backwards compatibility (including with controllers, not happy if my $100 power a is soon to be useless) and hopefully a better UI then I'll be looking at the price.

    if it supports the magic book thing, blu ray and old games, i'd be keen to get it.
    does ps region lock? does japanese games work on Australian consoles?

    I think the PS4 will be at least a few hundred dollars cheaper then the PS3 launch, in 2006 Blu-Ray was still an emerging technology and probably by far the most expensive component followed by the Cell processor.

    6 years later and there is no new format to utilise that is not another few years off and all the components are assumingly cheaper now then they were when the PS3 launched so there is really no reason why the PS4 shouldn't be cheaper at launch then the PS3.

    there is no way it will be under 600, they'll try and stick all the hardware they can into it since it's gotta last them 5+ years

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