Watch Dogs Will Be Out On PS4 First

In a presentation by Ubisoft at the PlayStation 4 event, there was a little bit of talk about its upcoming title, Watch Dogs, which we reported as likely coming to next-gen consoles last week. Guess what: you'll be able to control all sorts of things, like traffic, and people's personal lives.

We saw a little bit of that in earlier footage, and it looks insane. It still does now. Like a futuristic, cyberpunky Grand Theft Auto almost. Check it out:


    wow... i really thought this title is coming out for the ps3! but hey so that means..... phantom pain..... next metal gear...... is for ps4!?

      Nope. Don't think they've announced that. Or if it is a new metal gear

    Yeah - this was obviously a next-gen game.

    I don't think this really comes as a surprise to anyone. I'm glad it is though, the current consoles would only hold the game back.

      I agree, they would have had to have much lower draw distance and smaller levels if they did it on the PS3.

        The game is still coming to PS3 and all current gen consoles.

          It would be cool if someone does those comparison shots to see how far you can see on the PS3 and PS4 versions.

    Probably comes out on both platforms, like Diablo 3.

    Watch_Dogs is going to be current gen but they are also releasing it out for PS4, BUT! the PS4 will be more "connected" coming out end of this year.

    So its been confirmed for PS3/PS4/360/Wii U/PC now?

    I didn't see them say it was coming to PS4 first though? If so, real bummer. Cant be bothered watching the video again to see.

      Its already been confirmed by IGN as coming to the Wii U. I didnt see where they stated it would come out for ps4 first, maybe it was assumed just because it was announced for ps4 first that it would be released for ps4 first. This was obviously before Ubi confirmed the Wii U version.

    It looks great, but even just watching the demo gave me motion sickness. They really need an ingame option to turn off that camera jiggling. Please, Ubisoft!

    So does that mean Watch Dogs actually comes to the PS4 before the next Xbox? How come this is just being glossed over without explanation in the body of the article?

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