It's Stupid How Excited I Am About The Tamagotchi App

The toy that taught an entire generation to care for something that didn't exist is returning soon, and I've never been so excited about the prospect of cleaning up poop. Bandai Co and Sync Beatz Entertainment are breathing new life and love into the Tamagotchi on Android and iOS.

Mobile phones are the perfect place to raise virtual children. That's what the Tamagotchi was to me in the '90s — I used it to gauge whether or not I'd make a good father. I didn't do so well. Every day I wake up to the sounds of two actual living children I am amazed. When they sleep I poke them to make sure they're OK. Tamagotchi taught me that.

The upcoming app, Tamagotchi: L.I.F.E. (Love is Fun Everywhere) signals the rebirth of toy as lifestyle brand, with all sorts of clothing and accessories launching later in 2013. Expect lots of pink and pixels, which sounds about perfect to me.


    about time. seriously. been looking for a tamagotchi substitute for ages but can never find anything worth playing more then 2 days

    Finally!! the only worthwhile tamagotchi phone versions were the Devilitchi and Angelitchi ones i had on my old nokia (4 or 5 years ago).
    I'll definitely be picking this up for nostalgias sake

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    Wouldnt say stupid but kinda weird guys getting excited over tamagotchi.

      How's it weird? These were huge when we were kids. Why wouldn't people get excited about it?

      I know right? Everyone knows Digimon was where it was at.

        I am still baffled at the lack of digimon on smartphones. Small computer capable of internet access, short range communication and carried around everywhere? How are they missing this?

    I would get a Digimon app for sure.

    What is with that phone? Half iphone, half android!

    Try Androgotchi, it is quite literally almost identical to digimon but with slightly altered sprites. Also, has online battles!

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