It’s Super Mario As An Endless Runner — With Rabbits

If Nintendo made games for mobile phones, an endless running Super Mario platformer would be a no-brainer. Since Nintendo does not make games for mobile phones, HeiGames is making Super Bunny Land, which is close enough.

Don’t worry Nintendo, we’ve got this. That’s the message indie developers are sending with games like Banana Kong and now Super Bunny Land, due out in the next few months on mobile platforms. People want Nintendo-type games on their phones, and mobile developers are more than happy to fill the void. The Donkey Kong Country-inspired Banana Kong made it to the top of the paid iPhone charts a few weeks back. I expect Super Bunny Land will perform similarly, though I am a bit biased towards bunnies.

What’s also fun about the folks that share their mobile development over at SlideDB? They have no qualms about dropping a PC demo for you to try out before the game hits.


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