Jimmy Fallon Gets The First Hands-On With The PS4

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, talk show host Jimmy Fallon checked out the new PS4 controller and Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Fallon plays through the Shadow Fall demo as does comedian Anthony Anderson, who shoots up a bunch of air conditioners.



    Longest. controller. cord. ever...

      Wireless controllers are such a last-gen feature. Nobody wants that anymore :P

    I learned more about the controller in this video than at the event, I didn't realise that that was a speaker, nor did I know the touch pad was used for menus, nor did I know there was an options button!

      You mustn't of been paying much attention then, they showed all of this and using the touch pad for scrolling through menus was pretty obvious.

    The touchpad seems sooooo nessecary and such a good idea, just like the ones on the back of the vita, just so good, everyone loves them, sony should keep using touchpads in uncanny unessescary positions, it adds to the fun so much.

    Why do they hand these games to people who have NO idea how to even play games?? Jimmy saying he is a gamer and a geek?? On what planet???
    It angers me that these UBER noobs get to play this kind of stuff and somehow make it look AWFUL!!!
    Let people who know how to play games have a go. Even the Game Director can't aim properly both here and at the event. It makes the game look bad when the people who design it can't seem to handle the controls.


      Because they want to give it all the exposure they can and I guess Fallon's show rates well.

      Also relax, it's only a game.

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      Actually that's some intelligent marketing on Sony's side. Appealing to a broader audience is essential to the survival of next-gen consoles - focusing on solely gamers will lead to a very swift death.

      Jimmy has played quite a few games on his show and he is a gamer, clearly. He probably didn't do well because he was standing in front of a live audience demoing something that he was unfamiliar with. And it didn't make the game look bad, it made it look fun. Like it should.


        Looked like he wasnt used to the inverted/normal controls

      I think the appeal here is to a non-gamer audience, the way Fallon plays gives them something to relate to? I don't know.

      That particular audience doesn't want to see an expert walkthrough, they want to see grown adults / comedians doing horrendously and yelling loudly the entire time.

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      I looked at it the other way. I suppose this video amply demonstrates what Nintendo were saying at the launch of the Wii... Games like this simply aren't accessible to anyone unless you've been training yourself on them for years. I've been a gamer since the 80s, but I look at a game like that and my mind immediately puts it in the "too hard" basket. So I can only imagine how impossible that must look to a non-gamer. It really wasn't the right software to showcase I don't think.

        Yeah...people don't think like that.

        People think 'Hey, this looks awesome!' or 'Hey, that looks crap!'


    So jealous Jimmy played the PS4/Killzone: Shadow Fall before me.

    I know that its the in the first lot of ps4 games, but it doesn't really look that great gfx wise.
    I know the ps3 started the same though, so I dont mid giving it time for the guys to get used it it.

    Fallon has to be FUNNY, so I can't rate him for the 'lack of gamer' stuff... We aren't the funniest people ever :P I'm glad a little more gone shown on Jimmy's show than on the actual Sony conference it seemed haha

    Anyone else notice that there must have been some kind of "no death" thing turned on here haha, dude could just sit in the enemy gun fire with the screen so damn red he would of had blood pouring out every oraphus. I still think the PS4 is contained within a simple PC tower atm while they spend the next few months making one in time for E3

    4 minutes in it suddenly explodes with hilarious non-game cliches

    ROFL... about 2:40 in... "you can see he's climbing here... something we weren't able to do before"...

    yep... ok....

      HAHAHAHA someone else caught that? This game looks like trash. Looks like (Some) characters from Kill Zone mashed into the Halo 3 universe with some Anti Aliasing and An-isotropic filtering. as far as i can tell the leap hasn't been made. Here are your PS3 games with no jaggies enjoy!

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