Kaz-ify Your Life With This Terrible Website That No-One Should Use, Ever

Whether it's on Kotaku, or on your own homepage, everyone could do with a little more Kaz Hirai in their online life. This terrifying/hilarious/disturbing little trick allows you to 'Kazify' your online experience and it's pretty cool/terrible/irritating!

This link will send you directly to a 'Kazified' Kotaku Australia homepage, but if you head here you can totally Kaz up any website you choose.

I can't stop doing this — and if you refresh the page you get a different Kaz everytime. Sigh... what a dreamboat.

Thanks Alex Kidman!


    Doesn't seem to work on my work's extravagantly outdated browser :(

    Kaz-ception: http://kaz.rasmusslot.com/php/viewer.php?url=www.ridgeracer.com%2F&m=yes

    I realised that I probably should have found a ten minute/hour video of RIIIDGE RACER on youtube and Kaz'd that link instead.

    Also, I can't stop thinking of other video game inustry icons that I'd want this for: Reggie (of course), but imagine a world where you could CliffyB, Kojima or even Molyneux any webpage you desire!

      David Jaffe...but it'd probably end up just telling you to F**k off, 2 minutes into it.

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