Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Vekta City Is Absolutely Stunning. Let's Stare At It.

Guerilla Games revealed Killzone: Shadow Fall yesterday during the PlayStation Live Meeting, showing us our dramatic escape through the skyscrapers of Vekta City in the middle of a full-scale Helghan attack, as our animated GIFs show below.


    Amazing the power of the PC it's running on..

      The PC Master Race strikes again!
      Such wit!
      Such class!


        I don't use a PC for gaming...too many buttons for my simple mind, just stating that this wasn't running on a ps4.

          Actually, as far as I know, it was only watchdogs that was running on a PC, the rest were all running on the current PS4...

          It was totally running on a PS5, dude. Catch on already.

      Because you know, you can't just have the exact hardware sitting in a box that isn't finished.

      If I took my ps3 guts out of its case and stuck it in an old pc box would we call that a PC?

        Yes, and we'd call that PC a PS3 devkit. Just like this would have been running on a PS4 devkit.

        Total non-issue.

    After I saw this, Crysis 3 can kiss my shiny metal ........

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    I love the departure from the gritty locales of Killzone 2 & 3. And so long as it all looks pretty when it explodes I'm perfectly happy to leave all the dirt and grime behind.


      Its nice to see some colours - blues and greens - which are usually absent from these types of game

      Agreed, it's great to see them mixing up the aesthetic side of the series. I'm not too happy with how fast everything looks, though. What made the original Killzone great was the really heavy, chunky, solid feel of everything. It played a bit slower and felt different to every other FPS out there. Every game since then they've gradually moved further and further away from that, and this seems to have gone further still.

      I'm sure it'll still be a great game, but the series has lost a bit of its unique identity over the years, I think.

        All they needed was a good writer to make the freakin' story better. I swear, Killzone is one of those franchises where the story, (had it been fleshed out more and focused on character instead of swearing and explosions) would be catapulted to one of Playstation's greatest franchises. As it stands, it's just a average sci-fi shooter to most.

        It's just a shooter that takes place in a beautifully crafted world. And then i think of Rico, and all of that falls apart.

        I still liked the first game though.

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      Question - I'm going to get the trilogy. Is Rico as big an ass hat as I've heard?

        Mainly in KZ2 - he's just about unbearable in that one.

        KZ 1 & 3 he's not nearly as bad.

        Gods yes. Although as @Braaains said, it's worst in KZ2. In KZ3 he's much more muted, and due to the character selection aspect of the first game, he's a pain but kept to a minimum.

        The final (hard) section of KZ2 will make you want to stab him repeatedly in the face.

    Isnt the ps4 just a mid-range spec pc anyhow. Well at least it will be a boon for amd to supply the cpu and gpu parts. Maybe just maybe microsoft will go back to the wintel config for the 720.

    Everything was at least running of PS4 specs, guys.

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