Kinect + Department Store Mannequins = Horrible Waking Nightmare

Kinect + Department Store Mannequins = Horrible Waking Nightmare

Microsoft exec Larry “Major Nelson” tweeted out this melding of Kinect and commerce earlier today. Nelson is likely proud of the execution here, since it shows the flexibility of the company’s motion-sensing camera in a non-gaming setting.

But me? All I can think of is how utterly disturbing it would be if a mannequin in the men’s sportswear section started mimicking me while I was trying on a jacket. And if it were a plastic simulacrum of a man that could do the moonwalk? Brrr.


  • Wow, just bitch slap MIcrosoft and United Arrows Evan? You obviously haven’t used Kinect before, where it requires you to do some specific moments first to register you before it starts tracking your movements. It’s not instant. How about how awesome it would be to be able to see what flexibility and movement specific clothes have when you stretch your arms out, or put them above your head? Or to have a woman spin around so she can see the back of the dress that she bought?

    Yes, you are going to have those idiots that want to do wanking gestures on the manikins, but THEY have to do it in front of everyone, and oh wait… You can block those thanks to Kinect already! They have that type of thing already built into many of their own games!

    The only thing you have done is at least bought this technology to light for people who don’t go to or follow him on twitter @majornelson… Oh wait, did I just give credit for your news story like you should have??

    • Uhh.. have you used a Kinect? if it’s tunred on and waiting anyone with arms and legs can walk infront of it and it’ll work, you don’t have to calibrate anything

      • I’m not saying you can’t just walk ‘in front’ of the camera and it won’t work, but it scans you in first. Plus I’m sure that this system (the manikin one) is designed so that you have to ‘wave’ at it, very much like the 360 dashboard to turn Kinect on, so that it knows what to target.

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