Knack Is The First Announced PlayStation 4 Game

Today, in an event held in New York City, Sony revealed that the next PlayStation — the PlayStation 4 — has a new franchise. It's called Knack, and it features a little robot dude.

Check out what it looks like above and watch footage below.

More news as it develops.


    Franchise? Can we get a single game first? Remember the ms Blinx 'franchise'...yeh...

    .........what in the hell is this?

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    ... Appearing on Netflix this november, only for the PS4!

    Jeez you guys are all massive downers, this looked amazing, it was like the quality of Amination as Pixar movies but as a freaking game, and Japan Studio's has made some of the best quality games I've ever seen like White Knight Chronicles, Ape Escape and ICO. Why does everyone have to be so quick to judge (more like first to be douchbag of the year wins) on the internet...

      I'm with you mate, I liked the look at it. I like when people have different stories to bring to our medium, in new ways. Guess we'll wait and see.

        Me too. I liked it at soon as I saw Knack powerdrive into the ground and creating the ranged attack with parts of his body. I'm hoping you have to balance your attacks with how many "parts" you have at your disposal - that's an interesting hook.
        Also, the visuals are great and the animation is top-notch. And who doesn't like a child-friendly launch window title?

      Not to mention Patapon (Would be nice if there was a new one for the PSVita)

      This does look really good though, if its a great game with a great story then i'm all for it.

    Reminds me of Kameo for some reason....

    The character design feels really unfocused and not very consistent. The game play looks very dated. Not really interested I think.

      The gameplay? You mean that brief shot of him doing what looked like an explodey move while the camera is in third person? Seems like you've extrapolated an incredible amount from that, especially since it wasn't even necessarily a shot of gameplay footage cause this is just a short teaser trailer.

      Maybe wait for some actual gameplay footage before deciding the gameplay is automatically boring.

    Either the trailer wa cut badly or the game is really that boring. :\

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