Listen To Raygun Brown And I Talk About Skate 2!

Today regular Kotaku contributor and all round professional ranty man Raygun Brown launched his own gaming website so if you're a fan of Raygun's writing — and you should be — you can head there and check out his work. Amongst all the words and stuff is also talking! Raygun Brown has also started his own podcast which focuses on one game an episode. I'm proud to have appeared on the first episode to discuss a game we both fell in love with and that game is Skate 2.

Unlike a lot of podcasts out there, that run on for up to three hours, the idea of this podcast is that it lasts for 30 minutes. Short, concise and about one game only. I like the concept and I had a lot of fun appearing on the first episode.

You can check it out here!


    If the PS4's share button could do what skate does, then I'd get excited about it. =P

    "Raygun Brown and I"
    should be:
    "Raygun Brown and me"


      "and me"?? Have the grammar rules changed or something? I was always taught "and I".

        Remove the other subject:

        Listen to Raygun Brown and I talk about Skate 2 - Listen to I talk about Skate 2.

        Listen to Raygun Brown and me talk about Skate 2 - Listen to me talk about Skate 2.

          yes.. I see what you mean there..

          At the end of the day though, if it doesn't make you double-take when you read it (ie. it just flows naturally).. there is no problem. It's only really when it feels disjointed that these rules really need to be followed to the letter. Language is about communicating ideas, not about being grammatically correct.

          If you were to remove "Listen to" from the beginning, "I" works just fine.

          Last edited 25/02/13 11:37 am

        I was told that it should always work if you remove the other person, so in this case:
        "Listen To I Talk About Skate 2!"
        "Listen To Me Talk About Skate 2!"

        The second is grammatically correct and therefore applies to when multiple people are referred to.
        For reference:

          You only know that because you tried to correct Neil Gaiman about it on Twitter and got schooled.

      Thank you! This mistake is made EVERYWHERE - print, TV, film - and it grinds my gears.

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