Man Tries To Walk Out Of Kmart With 19 Video Games In His Pants

Man Tries To Walk Out Of Kmart With 19 Video Games In His Pants

I don’t know how you fit 19 video games in your pants, but at least one guy does. (Allegedly.)

Police have charged 34-year-old William Gooden with a felony for trying to walk out of a Kmart without paying for the 19 games that were stuffed in his pants, according to a report by St Louis’ Gooden is now in a Missouri correctional facility.

According to the police report, the goods were valued at $US500, which means at least some of those games cost less than $US60. Maybe they were Vita games? Just kidding. There aren’t 19 Vita games.

Police: Man shoves 19 video games down pants at local Kmart, walks out [KMOV]


    • I thought it was standard practise to only have the boxes

      That completely depends on the store itself and the area it’s in. Most of the stores in Sydney have empty boxes/cases but I have come across 1 or 2 who stock games on the shelves. A friend who lives on the Gold Coast tells me that most stores there have games on the shelves.

      • But we don’t? I have never encountered a store other than GAME (who now don’t exist) who kept their video games on the shelf. Not even JB HiFi do from memory.

        Well to put it this way, the stores near where I live do not.

        • At least the JB Hifis in Brisbane keep games on the shelf. They security lock them though, so you either have to destroy the case or pick open the lock (not easy to do without the right tools) and grab the game cartridge/disc in store otherwise the sensors will go off when you try to leave. From memory, Big W also locks the games in those hard plastic cases. They’re easier to pick but it’s still pretty obvious what you’re doing. I think Harvey Norman also use either the plastic cases or special price tags that trigger the security gates.

  • the vita call was hilarious, then i couldn’t find the related video and googled for it, got pictures of 50 cent instead /dead

    • I was insulted too. But then I realised there are more than 19 Vita games, just that they won’t all fit on my stupid tiny proprietary vita flash card.

      • I agree that the proprietary card prices are too steep, but I have no problem fitting 39 games on my card (a mix of Vita retail, PSN, PSP and PSM games) so I would highly recommend getting a 32GB card if you can. I got mine from Ozgameshop for a pretty reasonably (yet still expensive) price.

  • There are indeed 19 Vita games. In fact, there are currently 103 released games as listed on Wikipedia. Why don’t we make jokes about the Wii-U not having any games, as it has less than the Vita at the moment…

  • Feeling a little precious, are we? The Vita has been out for more than a year (info also from Wikipedia) and it’s still burdened with a reputation for having “no games”. Boo hoo, Sony!

    • Not feeling precious, but it is a bit insulting when the joke is not accurate. It’s like laughing at how a baby can’t walk when the baby has grown up and can walk. It makes the people telling the joke look a bit silly… 🙂

  • Great, a new generation of consoles means a whole new set of fanboy taunts to suffer through. PS3 had no games, Wii was a fad, and XBox 360 red ringed. Now we have Vita has no games, Wii-U is a fad and … wait a minute…

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