Mars: War Logs Won't Come In A Box, But Does Think Outside Of One

This is Mars: War Logs, a game I had no idea was coming but evidently was anounced back in December. The fact this is a console downloadable (both XBLA and PSN, it will also be available on PC) is intriguing to me because this trailer is promising a lot of stuff normally associated with boxed goods.

Some folks look on this as Rage meets Mass Effect, given the third-person perspective. I think the melee combat and countering calls up a little Assassin's Creed. Setting, of course invites Red Faction to the discussion. There's a perk/skill tree to give the game its RPG cred too.

Mars: War Logs will come out some time this spring. Colour me interested. The trailer doesn't say how long of a story you'll be given, but it does push what's commonly expected of console downloads. The game is by Spiders, published by Focus Home Interactive.


    Here' s my gripe. We live in a big world, with access to instant data from almost anywhere, northern and southern hemispheres. Why then do developers keep using "Available Spring 2013" "Available summer 2014".. I know its reasonable to generally assume they mean spring in Northern Hemisphere.. i.e. autumn in Australia.. but why not say "mid year" or "April 2013"

      even worse when they try to be "nice" by providing localised press releases to Australia, and correct for the different seasons...... then we are left with yet another confusion of whether to invert or not! [I'm looking at YOU Rockstar, re: gta5!]

      Businesses use quarter's, I'd like to know why these guys can't.

      We all know that Q3 means July-August-September, and it keeps the "We are aiming for July but it realistically will slip to September" vibe I get whenever they quote a season

      Because why should they have to? They could (in theory) sell more copies of the game in one State in America than over here. Australia on the global scale just isn't that important to the Entertainment industry when it comes to consumerism.

      And really, it isn't that difficult to convert the seasons over. I mean, unless someone is completely thick.

    its that ... a prawn dog?

      I hope so. It looked awesome.

      Here's hoping they have crab cats also.

    It's also because America think they r the centre of the universe, so they only need to tell their own people the other peasants around the world can just figure it out for themselves.....we're not important to them.

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