Mass Effect Edition Of Risk Coming Soon

Yep, I'm as surprised as you. This showed up on the official Mass Effect Facebook page yesterday, and obviously coincides with Toy Fair in New York this week. But Hasbro has said nothing about the "Galaxy at War" edition of Risk.

BioWare says the game is on shelves in Q4 2013.

Mass Effect official Facebook page [Facebook]


    and when the game ends, one of the players will flip the table over and complain about how it ended.

      There will be three colours, everything is the same, and inevitably players will be displeased by it all.

      While I see the joke you were making, that would still be just like regular Risk.

    There is Street Fighter monopoly and SW: Clone Wars Risk so nothing surprises me anymore.

    Risk cause so many fights in my home, so i will not let it ruin my love for Mass Effect, lol.

    Just wondering if after building up your forces in Risk, it forces you to have a conversation at the end to decide the outcome and negate the initial buildup completely...

    They could have done so much more with a Mass Effect boardgame, except they decided to reskin Risk. *sigh*

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