PS4 Sculpting 'Game' Makes The PlayStation Move A Thing Again

More news from today's PlayStation 4 event: the ongoing tyranny of the polygon. No, but seriously though: here's Media Molecule on its latest project, which uses the move controller as a sculpting tool. It looks crazy cool for you creative types.

Watch the footage above!


    My prediction, 99% of what is sculptured by users will be phallic in nature.

    Is this actually something they're working on for release? I thought it was more along the lines of some kind of tech demo...

      If it's not a launch app, they've missed an opportunity to rope the kidlets into wanting one.

    I hope this does get released as a fun 'app', it looks really cool, especially if you can export the file to your pc and actually use it as a 3D model!

    Just as an aside, Move is brilliant when it's done right.

    It (surprisingly) works pretty damn good on Tiger Woods 13.

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