Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Breaks Street Date

It was a strange situation to begin with, Metal Gear Rising was supposed to be released in Australia this week, but then it wasn't. Australian distributor Mindscape pushed the game's release back until February 26, citing a last minute shipping delay, but now we have confirmation that all JB Hi-Fi stores are selling the game as of today as a result of a street break by another unnamed retailer.

Despite the fact that Mindscape blamed a last minute shipping issue for the game's delay, we had several tips from Kotaku readers stating that several specialist retailers already had copies of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in store as of yesterday. It looks as though that may have been the case in many stores and this has resulted in someone selling early.

Regardless — if you have pre-ordered Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance you will most likely be able to walk into stores now and pick it up. According to one JB Hi-Fi rep, all stores are selling. It'll likely only be a matter of time before all other retailers break.

Thanks again Choc!


    Just walked all the way there and back to discover they didnt give me the game just the tin box

    Also EB are selling it

      EB Games at Watergardens dont have their stock in, i called them because thats where i pre-ordered my copy. Sorry im going to cancel my order and put that money towards my Tomb Raider (WOOOO SO PUMPED!) and buying Metal Gear at JB.

    I got a message right before my lunch break to go pick it up. Which I did.

    Hell yeah. Heading in to grab mine now.

    any word if you can download it off Xbox live or psn?

    Love MGS. Love Bayonetta. But Revengeance just doesnt tickle my balls so to speak.

    According to the couple of retailers that I've spoken, Revengeance was never actually street dated in Australia. Because of this, they were able to sell their stock as soon as it arrived. Now whether Mindscape meant for it to be street dated and didn't inform retailers is another matter.

    We actually got it in a week ago, but they delayed it because the Limited edition had been delayed.
    They forbid us from selling the standard versions until the limited edition stock had arrived.

    EBgames just sent to my email. " tomorow come to shop and take Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Limited Edition - PlayStation 3 LOL

    I pre-ordered mine from and it arrived first thing Thursday morning the 21st! and that is the Limited Edition as well!! XD Love the Play Arts Kai white armor Raiden!! Love the game!! I hate the white armor code for the game DLC.... it's defective.... said that the code's used..... sorting it out with mightyape atm..... and i did not get any pre-order bonus "yoji shinkawa art steel case" for my LE too!! they said it only comes with the standard ed!!?? whaaaa!? i paid heaaaaps for LE geeeeeeeeezzzz.......

    All EB Stores got told to by head office to sell it as soon as stock came in, so that's what they did.

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