Microsoft Says Halo Isn’t Coming To Steam

Microsoft Says Halo Isn’t Coming To Steam

This weekend, many noticed something curious: some Halo titles were listed in the Steam registry. Some assumed this meant that these titles were coming to Steam. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, that’s not the case.

“We currently do not have plans to release any ‘Halo‘ titles on Steam,” said a Microsoft spokesperson to Kotaku.

Sceptical? I wouldn’t blame you. When folks say there aren’t any plans, it sometimes actually means “not yet.”

It’s worth noting that, unlike other titles which have now been confirmed — like DyadHalo 2 and Halo 3 pages were almost immediately taken down and can no longer be accessed. Maybe that means something. Maybe not.

We’ll keep you updated if anything changes.


  • Why should they put it on Steam? Halo sells Xboxes. Microsoft aren’t going to mess with that. Same reason there will never be a Pokemon game on consoles.

    • As much as its fun to always think of Microsoft as always wanting money, didn’t they try to offer all profits from Goldeneye to Nintendo if they allowed them to upload it onto their LIVE network?

    • Supposedly the next Xbox is foregoing backwards compatibility all together (same as the PS4) and considering support for the original Xbox was pretty much instantly dropped the moment the 360 came out, I imagine they are going to do the same when the next one comes out.

      Taking that into account, it’s not that far fetched to see Halo 3 (the listings were only for Halo 1 to 3, no mention of any others) finally coming to PC with Halo 1 & 2 in tow, maybe a Halo Trilogy pack on Steam?

      Of course the Xbox 720/Next will have Halo 5 as a launch title no doubt so there won’t be any shortage of them being sold.

      • I think that’s exactly what’s happening.. I’d guess that Halo 2 HD is in production, and when that is out they’ll have the whole trllogy available in HD for the 360. Once the 720 is launched they’ll probably bring this and some of the other classics out on PC as they won’t be effecting console sales significantly any more. Steam probably just let the cat out of the bag too soon.

        • If they drop B/C they may as well drop the huge install base that has amassed a large collection of XBLA titles and would like to keep that whole Eco system going.

          • They have already canned XNA and DirectX (any further development of), without any replacements in sight, I don’t think Microsoft are that concerned with XBLA.

            I think that when the 720 drops, they are going to stop certifying XBLA games for the 360 and push devs onto whatever new service they have out for the 720. If both consoles are using traditional PC hardware (x86) instead of the custom builds they have running now, I don’t think any of the XBLA (or PSN) titles would work on the new system regardless, not without the devs all porting to the new architecture, which is a big ask.

            Unless Microsoft (and Sony) have been developing some amazing emulation software behind the scenes, I still don’t think we are going to see any backwards compatible stuff, at least out of the things that haven’t already been ported to PC.

  • you’re forgetting that indie developers and other organisations can put up software too. Not all directories are listed as their correct name in a storage system.

  • One of the smartest things Microsoft could do in the gaming arena is bring a multiplayer-only version of Halo to PC. The market is there because so many PC gamers have heard of Halo, but never owned an Xbox to play it. Combine bits and pieces of the recent multiplayer offerings of H3/ODST/Reach/H4 into one big release and it could become a big tournament hit.

    • Both Halo: CE and Halo 2 were released on the PC (albeit on the ‘Games for Windows’ thing).
      Though both have had their Multiplayer servers shut down.

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